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    The long-standing RSV vaccine track is now being conquered (Part 2)

    • Last Update: 2022-06-13
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    Above: The long-stagnant RSV vaccine track is now being overcome (Part 1) The development of the RSV vaccine mentioned above is no easy task.
    It has experienced many difficulties and obstacles.
    The impact of new technologies and published research on RSV virus The increasing use of technologies has led to many vaccine developers experimenting in this area


    Especially after the pre-fusion (Pre-F) protein structure analysis in 2013, the research and development projects of passive immune preparations for RSV prevention based on Pre-F have sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain, and they continue to heat up

    This article will describe the current clinical status of RSV vaccines

    Introduction to RSV Research RSV is a single-stranded negative-stranded RNA virus with a particle diameter of 100-300 nm and a genome of about 15.
    2 kb, containing 10 genes and encoding 11 proteins


    Two of the transmembrane proteins, G protein and F protein, are the two main protective antigens of the virus

    Among them, the fusion (F) protein is highly conserved among subtypes.
    The F protein is cleaved into F1 (48K) and F2 (26K) fragments by the host protease before it is active, which can cause the viral envelope and the host cell membrane.
    Upon fusion, RSV can utilize the membrane raft bridge for aggregation and budding


    It may play a major role in the immunopathology of RSV infection

    Since F protein can stimulate the body to produce cross-protective neutralizing antibodies, and the neutralizing antibodies produced by natural infection with RSV are mainly induced by Pre-F, it has become a hot protein in the development of antibodies, vaccines and other therapeutic drugs

    Surface protein G (glycoprotein) is mainly responsible for the attachment of viruses to host cells, which enables RSV to attach to host cells and initiate infection.
    However, this protein varies greatly among different strains and is not as highly conserved as F protein


    Figure: The structure of RSV The clinical progress of RSV vaccine The preventive drugs for RSV mainly focus on preventive monoclonal antibodies and vaccines

    Among them, Palivizumab, the only one that has been marketed, is used to prevent RSV infection in premature infants with high risk factors, but because of its high price, narrow drug indications and short half-life, it needs to be injected once a month.
    Therefore, there is an urgent need for a preventive drug that can broaden the indications


    Vaccines have been vacant for a long time.
    Although no vaccine has been approved, this track is surrounded by many challengers


    Figure: RSV clinical summary From the current clinical point of view, the three clinical trials of Novavax, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and Vaxart have all been suspended due to clinical failure to reach the endpoint and low neutralizing antibody concentrations

    Vaccines from companies such as Pfizer, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, which are in the first tier, will be strong challengers in this field, and the interim data and clinical releases of these vaccines in 2022 are worth watching

    From the point of view of the target proteins of RSV, the F protein is the hotspot protein of current research, and the research of other proteins such as the G protein also exists in parallel

    From the perspective of the technical route, a variety of technologies exist at the same time.
    New and old technologies such as attenuated and inactivated vaccines, protein subunit vaccines, adenovirus vaccines, and mRNA vaccines jointly challenge this indication.
    Among them, adenovirus vector technology and protein subunit vaccines Unit vaccines occupy the main body of emerging clinical practice


    It is worth noting that Moderna has also developed a vaccine mRNA-1230 that can simultaneously target influenza, new crown, and RSV viruses, and is currently in preclinical research

    The editor concluded that in addition to Ai Di Weixin and others who have already set foot on the RSV track, many domestic companies have mentioned the addition of RSV vaccine pipelines in their respective announcements.
    These companies include Zhifei Bio, Becco Bio, and Livanda Bio.
    , as well as Watson/Blue Magpie and CSPC


    Due to the blockade imposed by the epidemic in recent years, the spread of RSV virus has been effectively curbed.
    However, considering that foreign countries have relaxed the practice of new crown virus in the past year, the resurgence of RSV virus may lead to unforeseen consequences.
    It may be meaningful to plan ahead to develop RSV pipelines.


    Reference source: Xie Zhengde, Shen Kunling.
    Advances in immune prevention of respiratory syncytial virus infection in children [J] .
    Chinese Journal of Practical Pediatrics, 2021, 36(24) : 1907-1912.
    DOI: 10.
    cn101070-20210803 -00912.
    Liu Xiaohong.
    Pathogenesis and drug treatment progress of respiratory syncytial virus infection[J].
    Chinese Clinicians, 2011, 039(003): 8-12 https://clinicaltrials.
    gov/-END-Under the call of national policies, under the great changes unseen in a century, escort the “Belt and Road” and establish connectivity The hub city in the central and western regions is also to promote the development of the biological industry in the Chengdu-Chongqing region, break through the technical barriers of new vaccines, and promote exchanges between domestic and foreign vaccine companies.
    The 2022 Vaccine Innovation Summit Forum jointly organized by the Federation of Industry Experts and BioValley will be held in Chengdu on June 1-2, 2022


    This conference will focus on inviting leaders of relevant regulatory departments, experts and scholars at home and abroad, and industry leaders to participate, focusing on recombinant vaccines, adenovirus vaccines, nucleic acid vaccines, inactivated vaccines and other vaccine varieties, from vaccine production process innovation, management Discussions on the improvement of the system and the results of clinical research are aimed at actively promoting the exchanges between upstream and downstream industries, jointly building a whole-chain vaccine industry, forming a collaborative network of vaccine companies, and collaboratively solving the difficulties, blocking points and pain points in the process of vaccine innovation.
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