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    The maintenance of the Shanghai rotary tablet press is done, and the service life will naturally be extended

    • Last Update: 2022-08-21
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    The Shanghai rotary tablet press is mainly suitable for process research and small batch production in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors. It is an ideal equipment to confirm whether granular raw materials can be tableted.

    In daily use, we need to do these maintenance tasks.

    1.Regularly check the machine parts, once or twice a month, check whether the moving parts such as worm gear, worm, bearing, pressure roller, crankshaft, upper and lower guide rails are flexible and worn. If there is any defect, it should be repaired and used in time.

    2.After the Shanghai rotary tablet press is used once or stopped, the residual powder should be taken out, and the residual powder in each part of the machine should be brushed off. If not used for a long time, all molds must be removed and all machines cleaned. Smooth surfaces of machine parts should be coated with anti-rust oil and covered with cloth.

    3.The maintenance of the mold should be placed in a special box, so that the mold is completely immersed in oil and kept clean to avoid rust and bumps. It is best to customize special boxes, and pack one box for each specification to avoid installation errors during use and help to grasp defects.

    4.The place of use should be cleaned frequently, especially the manufacture of medicines and food tablets, and there should be no dust and flying dust.

    5.Electrical components should be maintained and regularly inspected to maintain good operation. Cooling fans should be regularly dusted with compressed air.

    6.Pay attention to the working environment conditions (temperature and humidity) of electrical components. In a good environment, the life of the components will be extended.

    7.The maintenance of electrical components should be carried out by professional technicians, especially the frequency converter. Generally, it should be sent to a professional manufacturer for maintenance.

    8. Before the insulation test of the electrical components of the machine, all control lines of the main circuit of the inverter must be removed to avoid damage to the inverter during the insulation test. Refer to the inverter operation manual for the insulation test method of the inverter. Proper maintenance of the Shanghai rotary tablet press can not only prolong its "life", but also help you save some unnecessary expenses.

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