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    Home > Medical News > Latest Medical News > The market of more than 10 billion anti-AIDS drugs has attracted pharmaceutical companies to layout, and another domestic class 1 new drug is launched in the new year!

    The market of more than 10 billion anti-AIDS drugs has attracted pharmaceutical companies to layout, and another domestic class 1 new drug is launched in the new year!

    • Last Update: 2023-02-03
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    AIDS, or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), is a disease
    caused by infection with HIV.
    According to the IMS Health & Quintiles report, due to the increase in the patient base, the improvement of diagnosis and treatment rate, the improvement of medical insurance payment capacity and the gradual increase of self-paying people, it is expected that the size of China's anti-AIDS drug market will exceed 11 billion yuan
    in 2027.
    Aiming at the market of more than 10 billion anti-AIDS drugs, not only multinational pharmaceutical companies, but also many local pharmaceutical companies have also laid out, involving more than 20 enterprises
    such as Frontier Biotechnology, Addi Pharmaceutical, Real Biotechnology, Hengrui Pharmaceutical, Zhongyu New Drug, Qingfeng Pharmaceutical, Shutaishen, Clover, Hansen Pharmaceutical, and Microchip Biotechnology.
    Under the efforts of major pharmaceutical companies, news about the launch of new anti-AIDS drugs has continued to come
    in recent years.

    Another domestic anti-AIDS class 1 new drug was launched
    On January 5, Addi Pharmaceutical announced that the company's research and development of enomiti tablets (trade name: Fubond) was approved for marketing
    Enomiti tablets is the first approved triple single tablet compound anti-AIDS class 1 new drug with independent intellectual property rights in China, which is based on inovirin tablets and two nucleoside backbone drugs - tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and lamivudine composed of drugs, used to treat adult patients with HIV (HIV)-1 infection, and the new drug will bring new treatment options
    to patients after marketing.

    Previously, the core ingredient of inomide tablets was approved for marketing in China on June 25
    , 2021.
    It is reported that enomiti tablets as a three-in-one combination preparation, has a more obvious effect advantage, and the drug as an oral single-tablet compound preparation, HIV-infected patients only need to take 1 tablet per day, which is conducive to increasing compliance and reducing the occurrence of
    drug resistance.

    In addition to the indications for the treatment of HIV with enomitry tablets, Addi Pharma is also carrying out phase III.
    clinical trials for treated patients, and the enrollment of 762 clinical subjects has been completed at the end of March 2022, and the clinical trial work is advancing
    as planned.

    There are more than 46 anti-cancer drugs on the market in China
    At one time, China's anti-AIDS market was mainly based on imported drugs and domestic generic drugs
    In recent years, in view of the huge unmet clinical needs of domestic AIDS patients, relevant departments in China have issued a series of policies to encourage and support the development of new anti-AIDS drugs, and include the registration application of AIDS prevention and treatment drugs in the scope of priority review and approval, so as to accelerate the marketing
    of domestic AIDS innovative drugs.

    Among them, Frontier Bio's Efovetian is China's first original anti-AIDS class 1 new drug and the world's first long-acting fusion inhibitor, which was approved for marketing
    in July 2018.

    According to incomplete statistics in the industry, there are currently more than 46 anti-cancer drugs on the market in China, including the approved inomiti, up to now, there are 4 domestic anti-AIDS innovative drugs

    Overall, the number of domestic AIDS new drugs approved is not large, but I believe that with the support of policies and the efforts of more local pharmaceutical companies, the domestic anti-AIDS new drug market will also have a new world in the future, bringing more good drugs and new drugs
    to patients.

    It is worth mentioning that in order to make domestic AIDS patients affordable and no longer "talk about AIDS color change", many listed anti-AIDS varieties have been included in medical insurance, of which three new anti-AIDS drugs
    have been added to the national medical insurance catalog in 2021.
    At present, the blockbuster anti-AIDS drugs that have entered the medical insurance can be reimbursed include emtricitabine tenofovir tablets, ripivirin tablets, icoprotei tablets, aconine, lamivudine dolutegravir tablets, bikenpronol tablets, etc.
    , of which Eddie Pharmaceutical's inoverin (ibond) has also entered medical insurance in 2022, and the pre-reimbursement price is expected to be 550 yuan, which will further "reduce the burden"
    for patients.

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