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    Home > Medical News > Latest Medical News > The medical device registration certificate was obtained for the drug removal vertebral arterial stent system.

    The medical device registration certificate was obtained for the drug removal vertebral arterial stent system.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-09
    • Source: Internet
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    The product consists of a drug-coated stent and a conveyor system, wherein the stent material is made of cobalt-chromium l605, the drug coating consists of a polyfluoropropyone copolymer carrier containing rapamycin (siromos) and a polyacrylate base coating, the drug density of 8.5 to 2.1 sg/mm. the
    transport system consists of a catheter seat, a stress diffusion tube and a balloon.
    stand is mounted on the balloon.
    products sterilized by ethylene oxide, one-time use.
    product shelves are valid for 2 years.
    Maurora ® rapamycin drug elution vertebral arterial stent system is a severely clinically proven rapamycin drug elude vertebral artery stent system that is rigorously validated through both the intracranial artery (the artery and vertebral base artery in the brain) and the vertebral artery (including the vertebral artery opening), and is suitable for the stenosis of the excranic excranite of the symptomatic vertebral artery.
    the effect of the contrast data between intracranial arterial stenosis and control group was obvious, and the excellent results were established in the outer segment of the vertebral artery compared with the control group. At the same time,
    in the process of research and verification, Maurora ® stent has been verified by animal experiments with multi-drug polydosis rapmycin in animal intracranial artery model, after multi-group, multi-time observation, the relevant parts of brain tissue have not occurred drug-related pathological changes, fully proving the safety of this product in neurotoxicity.
    Maurora ® Rapamycin drug elude vertebral arterial stent system is the world's only rapamycin-borne drug vertebral artery stent, the first time rapamycin is applied to the brain vascular stenosis treatment, its unique high biocompatibility coating, to ensure the stable release of the drug, to avoid adverse reactions.
    Compared with the bare metal stent currently available on the market, the effect of inhibiting the re-stenosis after the implantation of vascular stent is obvious, which can prevent the recurrence of stroke caused by re-narrowing, reduce the risk of secondary intervention, improve the patient's prognosis and improve the quality of life of the patient.
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