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    The medical insurance bureau set up a credit evaluation system, pharmaceutical enterprises with gold sales will be severely punished

    • Last Update: 2020-11-20
    • Source: Internet
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      Recently, the State Health Insurance Administration issued two heavy-weight documents, namely, "Pharmaceutical Prices and Credit Evaluation Operating Standards (Draft for Comments)" and "Pharmaceutical Prices and Credit Rating Discretionary Benchmarks (Draft for Comments)" to solicit opinions from the whole society.
    These two Drafts for Comments are mainly aimed at drug companies in the pricing, marketing, bidding, performance process, the implementation of laws and regulations prohibited, contrary to the integrity of fair competition to seek improper benefits, and the implementation of the blacklist system.
    It is understood that the above-mentioned documents as early as April this year in the industry, there are pharmaceutical sales people have previously said that the two documents for commercial bribery and drug companies default on the supervision of strong, commercial bribery and other acts and pharmaceutical companies corresponding to the collection market, to a large extent to improve the illegal costs of pharmaceutical companies, will prompt pharmaceutical companies to strengthen the supervision of agents and sales staff, promote industry self-discipline.
    The author notes that, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the draft opinion, all pharmaceutical companies that pay bribes of more than 100,000 yuan or are rated as "serious" for failure of trust, the products involved will be subject to suspension of online, bidding or distribution qualifications.
    also means that companies paying more than $100,000 in bribes risk losing the local market.
    based on cases that have been exposed, the amount is more stringent.
    For example, in the case of a pharmacist in a county hospital that had been reported to have received "drug kickbacks", almost all of the 12 enterprises involved in the case paid bribes amounting to more than 100,000 yuan, and the rebates received by an enterprise over the years amounted to millions of yuan.
    In addition, if the amount of bribes exceeds 10 million yuan, the credit rating will be determined to be "particularly serious", the relevant departments will suspend all drugs of the enterprise to hang up the network, bid or distribution qualifications, until the enterprise repairs the credit rating.
    fact, the Chinese government has been cracking down on the sale of drug belt gold for more than two decades, and has explored many ways of taking responsibility for drug companies.
    Although this opinion draft is China's first attempt to punish corruption in the field of medicine through credit means, but the credit evaluation system is not suddenly out of the air, the national level of the policy framework has been a continuous improvement and enrichment process.
    According to industry insiders, as early as 2014, the State issued the Outline of the Social Credit System Construction Plan (2014-2020) and the Opinions on Promoting the Institutionalization of integrity Construction, which have put forward directions and specific opinions on promoting the institutionalization of the construction of integrity.
    In May 2016, the State issued the Guidance on Establishing and Perfecting the Joint Incentive and Unfadying Joint Corrections System to Accelerate the Construction of Social Integrity (Guofa (2016) No. 33), which states that the joint incentives for trustworthiness and the joint punishment for dishonesty are an important part of building a new market supervision system with credit as the core.
    the "trustworthy joint incentive and failure of trust joint punishment" has been positioned, and refined the top-level design.
    For the introduction of the new credit evaluation system, industry experts said that in the combination of the national credit system and medical insurance credit management system of the overall promotion, relying on the medical insurance fund and provincial recruitment platform to build a sound credit system, economic means and credit management combined, can fully mobilize disciplinary resources, form a joint force to promote enterprise compliance management, reasonable pricing, to form a fair, just, standardized and orderly new order of medical management.
    in general, the pharmaceutical industry's policy is never a single shadow, there will be a variety of key links between policies.
    From the 4-plus-seven band procurement, to combat fraud insurance, to DRGs pilot, to join forces with the Ministry of Finance to verify the financial problems of 77 pharmaceutical companies, to establish a disciplinary system, with drug collection, drug price negotiations and other policies that have a real impact on pharmaceutical companies, since the establishment of the National Health Insurance Bureau, fee control has become the main theme.
    the same time, authorities are joining forces to weave a big net to crack down on commercial bribery at the source.
    in a new policy environment, for all pharmaceutical companies, any non-compliance, is undoubtedly a lightning step, or even cut off their own future.
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