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    The microbial biosynthesis and intelligent manufacturing team of Prof. Qi Xianghui from Jiangsu University is in Trends in Food Science & T

    • Last Update: 2022-01-21
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    Recently, the international authoritative journal Trends in Food Science & Technology published the latest research results of Professor Qi Xianghui's microbial biosynthesis
    and intelligent manufacturing team online - "Microbial hosts for production of D-arabitol: Current state-of-art and future prospects" .
    Trends in Food Science & Technology is a top journal in agricultural sciences, with an impact factor of 12.
    563 in 2021.
    YuvarajR from the School of Food and Bioengineering of Jiangsu University is the first author of this paper, and Professor Qi Xianghui is the only corresponding author of this paper


      D-arabitol (D-arabitol) is an enantiomer of xylitol, its calorific value (0.
    2 kcal/g) is much lower than that of sucrose, it is a new type of low-calorie functional sugar alcohol, which can improve intestinal Physiological functions such as flora, anti-caries, and obesity prevention have great application potential in food, medicine and other fields

    The preparation of D-arabitol by microbial methods has attracted much attention due to its environmental friendliness, high catalytic efficiency, and mild conditions.
    industrialization process

    Professor Qi Xianghui's team took hypertonic yeast as the chassis, and carried out a series of research work on D-arabitol biosynthesis around key enzyme mining and transformation, metabolic engineering remodeling, enzyme and cell immobilization, and biological fermentation technology

    Based on the previous research results of Professor Qi Xianghui's team, this paper reviews the functions, application fields, manufacturing processes, industrialization bottlenecks and solutions, and commercialization prospects of D-arabitol, focusing on renewable resources and cheap by-products.
    The biosynthesis of D-arabitol as a substrate, the improvement of microbial strains, the construction of high-level chassis cells by genetic engineering methods, the regulation conditions and mechanisms of biotransformation, the purification of downstream products, and the problems and countermeasures in the process of industrialization were carried out.
    system discussion

    In addition, the importance of metabolic pathway adaptation in D-arabitol biosynthesis and the effect of fermentation process on D-arabitol biosynthesis are also outlined

    This paper can provide a useful reference for the microbial production of D-arabitol


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