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    The monograph "Key Technologies for The Pickling and Processing of Fish Biology Law" by the South China Sea Institute of Aquatic Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Aquatic Sciences has been officially published

    • Last Update: 2021-01-24
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      Recently, Wu Yanyan, Zhao Yongqiang and Wang Yueqi of the South China Sea Aquatic Research Institute of the China Academy of Aquatic Sciences, "Fish Biology Pickling processing technology" was officially published by South China University of Technology Press, which is the South China Sea after the monograph "Rotefish integrated processing technology" published another work on fish processing technology research, but also the national key research and development plan "blue grain silo scientific and technological innovation" focus Special "high-quality biological processing of aquatic products new technology and product development", the National Marine Fish Industry Technology System post scientists special, the National Natural Science Foundation of China on the project "lactic acid bacteria on pickled dried fish products lipid oxidation inhibition system research", "based on lactic acid bacteria on the cured fish Central Asian nitro compound degradation system research" and other projects funded by one of the latest scientific research results.
    is China's traditional characteristic aquatic processing products, rich in nutrition, with a unique taste and flavor, favored by the public.
    processing enterprises are using empirical traditional processing methods, no matter from the scale, production efficiency or quality and safety there are many disadvantages.
    In view of the long-standing constraints on traditional fish pickling processing industry technology backward, high salinity, long pickling time, quality instability and potential quality and safety hazards and other difficult problems, the South China Sea research team since 2004, in order to improve the level of fish marinating technology, quality, flavoring, efficiency, health and safety, carried out research on the key new technologies of fish biology method low salt rapid marinating processing, series of innovative results in China has been widely promoted and supported the development of china's fish deep processing industry.
    this monograph is the author's systematic summary in the field of fish biological method pickling and processing technology over the years, which is not only in-depth theoretical discussion and the value of raw materials, but also practical application and guidance.
    The book is divided into five chapters, including overview, traditional pickled fish quality formation mechanism, pickled fish storage quality changes, fish biology method rapid pickling processing technology, pickled fish quality and safety control technology, etc. , the overall technology has been checked and evaluated to reach the international leading level.
    The monograph can be used as a reference for scientific research and production unit practitioners in the fields of food science, aquatic products, functional food, or as a reference material for professional research and engineering, aquatic products storage and processing in colleges and universities, and can be used for reference by employees of fish deep processing and production units and those engaged in aquaculture processing.
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