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    The National Health Insurance Administration issued a letter to investigate the bribery of medicines

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
    • Source: Internet
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    Pharmaceutical Network, June 8th, June 5, the State Health Insurance Administration on the establishment of pharmaceutical prices and recruitment credit evaluation system guidance is the second time to solicit opinions from all walks of lifeThe guiding ideology of the document shows that, relying on the bidding and procurement platform for pharmaceuticaland medical supplies, system integration and trustworthiness commitment, credit rating, graded disposal, credit repair and other mechanisms, the establishment of rights and responsibilitiesCoordinate the joint pharmaceutical price and bidding procurement credit evaluation systemAlthough the system of credit evaluation and discipline is no longer new in our daily lives, but applicable to the national level of drug prices and recruitment areas, is the first time, this document entered the second draft stage, the promotion of fast, strong, it may meet with us in the futureCompared with the first draft for comments, the Opinion more clearly credit evaluation list, breach of trust information report records, pharmaceuticalenterprisescredit repair and how to deal with the accessibility at the same time, more convenient for the implementation and operation of future documentsIt is worth noting that the Opinion requires pharmaceutical enterprises to participate in or entrust to participate in the centralized procurement of pharmaceutical and medical supplies, platform network, as well as medical insurance fixed-point medical institutions (hereinafter referred to as "medical institutions") for the record procurement, should be centralized procurement agencies, in advance to make a commitment to keep a letterFor pharmaceutical enterprises that have not submitted a commitment, the provincial centralized procurement agencies do not accept their drug networks, tenders or other means of selling medicines to medical institutionsFor pharmaceutical companies, the submission of commitments has become a prerequisite for theof hospitals in: commitment pricing, marketing, bidding, performance process does not occur in the list of breach of trust list;The document clearly states that all forms of commercial bribery such as "kickbacks" to various medical institutions and their staff at all levels, such as "kickbacks" due to price and marketing misconduct by the medical security department, investigation, interviews, warning, inspection, pharmaceutical enterprises pushing, refusing to cooperate, not fully explaining the reasons or making false promises, etc., have entered the list of medical prices and recruitment and breach of trust (2020 edition)the relevant departments from the source, including hiring personnel, entrusting agents, invisible pharmaceutical companies and agents of credit bundles, once the above-mentioned behavior, will bear the most strictly prohibited into the market, and included in the "national pharmaceutical prices and recruitment of the risk of enterprise risk warning list" resultsThe most stringent market ban, quarterly publicityone of the roles of the credit evaluation system, is to discipline non-standard enterprises, so the document also provides for the classification of breach of trust liability disposal, drug companies to discipline the most strictly prohibited into the market, and quarterly publicity to the community, subject to supervision1 For pharmaceutical enterprises rated as "general" for the classification of breach of trust, a written reminder shall be given by the centralized purchasing organization   2 For a pharmaceutical enterprise rated as "medium" for the credit rating, in addition to the reminder, the risk information should be prompted when the pharmaceutical product produced and distributed by the enterprise should be purchased by order under the medical institution   3 For a pharmaceutical enterprise rated as "serious", in addition to warning and warning, warning risk, the enterprise involved in the product slink, bidding or distribution qualifications, the suspension period of the pharmaceutical enterprise credit repair, grade changes   4 For pharmaceutical enterprises rated as "particularly serious", in addition to warning sedations and warnings, the qualification of all pharmaceutical shipping, bidding or distribution shall be suspended, and the suspension period shall be based on the credit repair and grade changes of the pharmaceutical enterprises   5 For pharmaceutical enterprises rated as "severe" and "particularly serious", the centralized purchasing institution shall disclose to the public the results of the enterprise's rating and related information to the public on a quarterly basis and shall be subject to social supervision   At the same time, the document also encourages local exploration of quantitative credit rating methods, and continuously improve the standardization of credit rating   Compared with the first draft of the draft, the new version of the document was deleted? By the local provincial health care departments to put it into the scope of combating "fraud insurance", according to the law to recover the enterprise's improper benefits obtained by the loss of medical insurance funds ? Measures, but will ? publicly issued an apology statement, actively remove the false high space in the price of the products involved, correct the use of the market to create unreasonable high prices and actively return unreasonable returns of unreasonable income?   To some extent, the relevant departments intend to play a single enterprise initiative, to restore its credit opportunities, but increased to the public, disclosure of the results of the enterprise rating part, enterprises take the initiative to correct at the same time to accept the supervision of public opinion from all walks of life   Enterprisecan can repair credit the purpose of disciplinary is not to simply let an enterprise ban into the market, the deeper significance is to guide the benign development of the industry, so the relevant departments set up a pharmaceutical enterprise credit automatic repair and active repair mechanism, compared to the previous version of the draft, the new version appears more moderate   If the breach of trust exceeds a certain period of time, it shall no longer be retroactively included in the scope of credit evaluation and will be automatically repaired Encourage pharmaceutical enterprises to take the initiative to repair credit, remind pharmaceutical enterprises before the disposal measures come into effect, and give a certain period of rectification, accept that they take practical measures to repair credit during the rectification period, including terminating the relevant breach of trust, submitting compliance rectification reports, publicly issuing an apology statement to eliminate adverse effects, removing the of the drug or medical supplies prices in the false high space, return ingres selling unreasonable income, etc   Among them, the practical measures to actively repair credit include terminating the relevant breach of trust, terminating the employment relationship with the employees involved, entrusting the agent enterprise, issuing the apology statement publicly, actively removing the false high space in the price of the products involved, correcting the unreasonable high price formed by the manipulation of the market and actively returning unreasonable income   ,,
    《》3,,,《》(〔××××〕××),。   In other words, since the publication of the "Guidance on the Establishment of Drug Price and Credit Rating System", all non-compliance behavior of enterprises will be recorded by big data, and directly affect the credit evaluation of enterprises, the relevant departments also open up the right to local, encourage local exploration of more credit rating methods - all pharmaceutical companies involved   Professor Jiang Bin of Peking University School of Pharmacy and Beijing University Public Policy Research Center told the Chinese Health Journal that after accumulating sufficient drug prices and credit data, in drug collection and collection, it is possible to give priority to better enterprise transactions with better credit records under the same conditions, and can also impose disciplinary measures on the subject of breach of trust, such as the improvement of trading conditions, serious lysaun enterprises are excluded from the public procurement market, can really establish a market mechanism of honesty, fair competition and survival   State documents on the treatment of pharmaceutical bribery, promote rational drug use more and more, more and more vigorous, which is in which all pharmaceutical enterprises, agents
    and pharmaceutical representatives have brought reflection and alarm, academic promotion and pharmaceutical sales industry compliance, standardization will become the future trend
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