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    The new coronavirus allows healthy people to develop diabetes

    • Last Update: 2021-03-01
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    between diabetes and neo-coronary pneumonia?In a recent letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine, an international team of 17 experts studying diabetes said the new coronary pneumonia could lead to diabetes in healthy people and lead to serious complications in people with diabetes.A few days ago, an international team of 20 top diabetes and endocrinologists from around the world, including Professor Ji Linon, Director of the Endocrinology Department of Peking University People's Hospital and Director of the Diabetes Center of Peking University, published the Practical Recommendations on the Management of New Coronavirus Infections and Diabetes Patients in The Lancet (hereinafter referred to as the Recommendations). Older diabetics with neo-coronary pneumonia are at higher risk of dying from the disease, the paper said. At the same time, the new coronavirus may actually encourage normal people to become new diabetics.These studies are a wake-up call not only for patients with neo-coronary pneumonia and diabetes, but also for the general diabetes and even the healthy general public.New coronavirus "preference" diabetesexperts found that in many countries, a significant proportion of new coronavirus infections are diabetic, and these diabetics once the new coronary pneumonia, access to intensive care units and the risk of death is very high. Ji Linon said in an interview with Science and Technology Daily.Among patients diagnosed with neo-crown pneumonia worldwide, researchers found that 20 to 50 percent of patients had diabetes, proving that diabetes is one of the underlying diseases closely related to the severity of infection. Epidemiological observations in areas where the new coronavirus is severely infected and reports from some national health centres and hospitals indicate that people with diabetes are more than 50 per cent more likely to die from neo-coronary pneumonia than those without diabetes.Why are there so many new coronary pneumonia patients with combined diabetes? Guillainong explains that this is because diabetics have long been in a high blood sugar state, the body's ability to protect against infection is low, the risk of infection increases. At the same time, patients with neo-coronary pneumonia combined with diabetes are more likely to have higher blood sugar, high blood sugar fluctuations, while the elderly have a high prevalence of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other complications, which is also one of the reasons for the higher mortality rate of elderly diabetics infected with the new coronavirus.May induce new diabetes in normal people " From the current understanding of the new coronavirus, it is not as strong as SARS virus seasonal, if not strengthened prevention, there may be a risk of another outbreak. Therefore, whether it is diabetics or the general population, we should pay more attention to the prevention of the new coronavirus. Guillaan said.Although it has not been confirmed that the new coronavirus induces diabetes, there is evidence that new coronavirus infections may be a contributing factor to diabetes, the recommendations said.Experts said that the binding strength of the new coronavirus and ACE2 (angiosin-converting enzyme 2, expressed in the tissues such as the arthroid epithelial cells, intestines and pancreas, as a pre-invasive to the cells of the new coronavirus) is very strong, due to viral infection The increase in blood sugar and metabolic abnormalities in diabetic patients can be exacerbated by more active ACE2 subjects, and the potential pancreatic β cellular damage caused by the virus leads to insulin deficiency, and new coronavirus infections not only aggravate the condition in diabetic patients, but may also induce new diabetes in normal people.Clinically, some patients with neocooproid pneumonia have applied glucoticoids, which often cause blood sugar fluctuations. The risk of developing diabetes increased by 36%-131% if long-term glucoticoid therapy was used.Strengthening blood sugar management is the best defensetreatment and management of chronic diseases, mainly diabetes, are challenged in the new crown outbreak. According to statistics, the number of people with diabetes in China has reached 130 million, one in 10 people with diabetes, but diabetic blood sugar control is not optimistic, blood sugar compliance rate is only 15.8%.For patients with combined diabetes or high blood sugar in neo-crown pneumonia, Guillaume said controlling high blood sugar not only reduces the risk of acute complications of diabetes, but also improves the overall prognosis of neo-coronary pneumonia. "Good blood sugar control and management is critical to reducing patient mortality and infection." He stressed.“ Diabetics should strengthen blood sugar and metabolic management, which is an important first-level prevention tool, while different patients should carry out individual target management, lifestyle intervention, blood glucose monitoring and corresponding medication. For patients with neo-coronary pneumonia combined with diabetes, blood sugar should be strictly controlled without increasing the risk of hypoglycemia, improving the prognostics of patients. Insulin has the advantages of no gastrointestinal side effects, obvious anti-sugar effect, beneficial tissue repair, timely dose adjustment and free from liver and kidney function taboos, and should be regarded as the preferred treatment drug. Guillaan said.Experts said that for diabetics, strict control of blood sugar, a balanced diet and reasonable rest, to maintain a happy mood, is the best defense against the new coronavirus, at the same time, in the context of the normal outbreak prevention and control, but also to do a good job in diabetes management and prevention and control work, early diagnosis, early treatment, control the occurrence of diabetes and its complications, the speed of development, strengthen the construction of diabetes prevention and control mechanism. (Science and Technology Daily)
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