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    The new crown is not over yet the new "pig-to-human" coronavirus is coming again

    • Last Update: 2021-12-02
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    Time has come to the end of 2021

    From the perspective of evolutionary relationship, coronaviruses can be roughly divided into four families

    Coronavirus is still very common in animals

    The discovery that it can really infect humans is completely an accidental discovery

    As part of the project, the researchers collected plasma samples from 369 children with acute fever from 2014 to 2015, and performed tests for common diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and Zika

    From the source of the sample, two of the children come from the same school and are located in the local suburban area

    Subsequent research found that the serum samples of these children can detect the sequence of porcine delta coronavirus after cell culture, and the sequence identity of the amplified fragments can reach 100%! Further exploration confirmed this, and the coronavirus particles could be seen under the electron microscope

    ▲Researchers photographed coronavirus particles under an electron microscope (picture source: reference [1])

    The researchers also obtained the sequences of new coronaviruses in these children and compared them with other known porcine coronavirus sequences

    This may be related to the special situation in Haiti

    Based on the results of the sequence alignment and the different geographic environments of the children, the researchers inferred that at least two independent infections had occurred

    Limited to the local conditions and the initial design of the experiment, the researchers' additional information is quite limited.

    At the end of the paper, the scientists pointed out that this is the first known case of human infection with porcine delta coronavirus, and indicated that live pigs or pork circulating around the world may be the source of pathogen infection that we know little about, and further monitoring is needed.

    Judging from the symptoms, none of the children infected with the porcine coronavirus developed any serious problems, and eventually recovered their health

    In summary, this study once again shows that the coronavirus may be transmitted from animals to humans, causing diseases

    Reference materials:

    [1] Lednicky, JA, Tagliamonte, MS, White, SK et al.

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