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    The new purification method is expected to reduce the manufacturing costs and toxic side effects of CAR-T cells

    • Last Update: 2020-12-30
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    Nov 10, 2020 /--- Mona Elsemary, Ph.D., Institute of Future Industry, University of South Australia, has developed a microflow method for purifying chisellular antigens (CAR) T cells (CAR-T).
    CAR-T cells are genetically modified T cells and are the basis for breakthrough cell immunotherapy.
    CAR-T cell therapy is a transformative immunotherapy that harnesses the power of a patient's immune system to fight cancer.
    Elsemary's research is part of Carina Biotech's CAR-T development platform, which aims to provide effective treatment for solid cancer.
    micrograph of human lymphocytes, pictured from Dr. Triche/National Cancer Institute。
    CAR-T cell therapy has achieved some significant results in the treatment of blood cancer, and a number of international studies are currently working to translate this success into CAR-T cell therapy for solid cancer," Elsemary said.
    , however, there are still significant obstacles and high costs in the CAR-T manufacturing process, which prevents the full potential of this life-saving therapy from being realized.
    " problems include the presence of innocidated cells and cell fragments in cell preparations, as well as cryo protectors (such as methamphetamine) commonly used in the freezing and storage of CAR-T cell products.
    presence of dead cells can have potentially serious side effects, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets strict vitality standards for CAR-T cell products, with about 10 percent of patients not receiving treatment because they can't meet the requirements.
    protection agents present in the final CAR-T cell products can also cause severe allergic reactions and toxic side effects in some patients.
    , "Current commercial CAR-T cell products still contain large amounts of methamphetamine.
    , there is a great need for a method that effectively purifys CAR-T cells before infusions to patients.
    " microflow method, developed by Professor Benjamin Thierry of the University of South Australia and his team in collaboration with Associate Professor Benjamin Thierry of the University of Technology, Sydney, removes more than 70 per cent of dead cells from CAR-T cell products in 30 minutes and increases cell vitality by an average of 20 per cent.
    addition, more than 90% of the cryo-protector metformin is removed--- none of which adversely affects the quality and function of these cells.
    the researchers say the microflow control techniques used in this approach can be easily integrated into automated closed cell processing systems and can be used in non-cleanroom facilities.
    Elsemary's study could benefit patients significantly by reducing manufacturing costs and common side effects associated with CAR-T cell therapy.
    ( Reference: New approach to fighting cancer can reduce costs and side effects
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