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    The new sol-gel method synthesizes NiO antibacterial nano pigments

    • Last Update: 2020-11-20
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    A new report deals with the preparation and antibacterial activity of NiO nanoparticles (NiO Nps) dispersed alicic acid coatings.
    use gel polysaccharides as gels to prepare NiO Nps with a new sol-gel technology. Gel converts hydroxymetal networks into gels within 4 hours
    . After calcination, the resulting FESEM and TEM microscopic photographs of NiO Nps show a rectangular and irregularly shaped structure with a size range of 30-200nm. Structural characteristics were evaluated by XRD, FTIR, UV-vis and VSM studies.
    the vitality of bacteria greatly reduces
    NiO Nps' antimicrobial activity has been targeted at Glucose-negative and Gloenic-positive bacteria, namely E. coli, Crebbs and Bacillus deformation of pneumonia, Streptococcus deformation, Bacillus staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus aureus. The findings of this study show that NiO Nps penetrates into the cell walls of bacteria and accumulates in the cells, thus promoting synergy with the growth of bacterial strains. The experimental results show that NiO may be used as a pigment in aolic acid resin coating. The aliclicic acid coating consisting of NiO Nps shows a significant decrease in bacterial vitality in contact with microbial strains, demonstrating the effectiveness of the coating.
    the study was published last week: Journal of Coatings Technology and Research January 2019, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp 59-70.
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