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    The new three boardcans can be transferred to the main board 6 pharmaceutical companies sprint the first batch! 3 pharmaceutical companies "official xuan" application but regret to stop!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    On June 3, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued guidance that allows eligible new three-board listing companies to apply for a transfer board to be listed on the SSE Or Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEMThe enterprise applying for listing of the transfer board shall list the company at the new three-plate select layer, and if the list editing at the select layer is continuous for more than one year, it shall also meet the listing conditions for the transfer plateopinion, the new three-board selection layer ushered in a rush of applicantsAs of June 3, 2020, nearly 50 companies have filed their selection, of which 47 have been acceptedaccepted enterprises, pharmaceutical enterprises have become a worthy focusOf the 47 accepted enterprises, 6 are in the pharmaceutical sectorAnd rushed in the front, into the selection layer has been on the two new three-board enterprises, pharmaceutical enterprises have occupied 1 seatand this is only the beginning, according to the opinion issued by the selection of layer standards, the number of qualified new three-plate pharmaceutical enterprisesAfter the first batch, there will be more qualified pharmaceutical companies to join the selection of layer transfer boardYingtai biological storm on the meeting! on June 3,, the company announced that it would hold its first listing committee meeting on June 10, and that yingtai Bio and Airong Software will meetThis means that the first batch of "pass-through" enterprises are about to be born, and pharmaceutical companies are likely to occupy a seatin terms of processing time, the selection layer propulsion speed can be described as a stunning speedYingtai Bio on April 28 declared to transfer to the select layer, on May 8 first received the first round of inquiry letter, only 6 working days from the date of acceptance, and after receiving the inquiry letter, Yingtai Bio only 17 working days, then submitted a reply documentBased on the acceptance time, Yingtai biological declaration after 43 days have been attendedit is worth noting that Yingtai biological also only accept a round of inquiries, then completethe the review, into the listing committee meeting link, the process is quite smoothYingtai Biology Department pharmaceutical listed company Huabang Health's important subsidiary, public information shows that Yingtai biological main business for pesticide research and development and production, although not a pharmaceutical enterprise, but also with the pharmaceutical enterprises have a close relationship5 pharmaceutical companies waiting forto remove the hasrush edging on Huabang Health subsidiary Yingtai Bio, the first batch of sprint selection of 47 enterprises, 5 pharmaceutical enterprises have applied for or received acceptance, the application of the transfer board of Datang Pharmaceuticals, Tongcheng Pharmaceuticals, Deer Medical, And Bio-Valley Pharmaceuticals has been questioned, and the application for the transfer board of Mori Pharmaceuticals has been acceptedmost of these companies are focused on the pharmaceutical sectorFor example, Datang Pharmaceuticals is an integrated pharmaceutical enterprise that integrates the cultivation of medicinal herbs, the development of mongolian resources, the research and development of specialty drugs and large health products, mainly in the development and production of traditional Chinese medicine (including ethnic medicine) and chemical preparationsand deer medical treatment of the main products for blood pressure detection, temperature testing, atomization treatment, department diagnosis, oral care and so onBiovalley Pharmaceuticals is focused on the research, development, production and sales of the series of lamps and flowers as one of the specialized high-tech pharmaceutical enterprises, mainly engaged in traditional Chinese medicine, natural drugs, health food research, development, production and salesit is worth noting that before the "official announcement" will sprint the selection of the tier of Celera, new health into, Deyuan Pharmaceutical, which are from stem cell technology, in vitro diagnosis, drug research and development and other sub-sectors, but ultimately failed to enter the first batch of selected layer declaration enterprise listmore pharmaceutical enterprises build up the boardobviously, these six new three-board enterprises will not be this wave into the selection of pharmaceutical enterprises all, more pharmaceutical enterprises to meet the conditions of the turnboard, the future may actively turn the boardto the selection layer of the board, the official set of four sets of standards:standard one: market value is not less than 200 million yuan, the last two years of net profit is not less than 15 million yuan and the weighted average return on net assets is not less than 8%, or the net profit of the most recent year is not less than 25 million yuan and weighted average return on net assets is not less than 8%;Standard III: market value is not less than 800 million yuan, the last year's operating income is not less than 200 million yuan, the total investment in research and development in the last two years accounted for the total proportion of operating income in the last two years is not less than 8%;and according to relevant statistics, Deyuan Pharmaceuticals, Notay Bio, Chengda Bio, Genesis Bio, Dari Bio, Tianyi Technology, Lotus Hospital, Source and Pharmaceutical, Doputa, Yuhua Hall, Hejia Pharmaceuticals, Longxiang Pharmaceuticals, Haitang Bio, Wangfeng Ginseng, Yan Technology, Jiushenghall, Tyne and New Kang, Fine Crystal Pharmaceuticals, Atomic High- Branch, Yutang, Yongshun Bio, Meitian Bio, Jinbo Bio, Shi Kori, Jinhong Pharmaceuticals, Man-Feng, Kern Oral, Recreational Pharmaceuticals, Celera meets these four standards at least 1, these enterprises may become the next batch of applications to transfer to the selection of the new three-board enterprises.
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