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    The New Year is red, pork and corn fly together! Many pork stocks rose and stopped, corn prices broke 1.4 yuan /

    • Last Update: 2021-01-19
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    On January 4th, the first trading day after New Year's Day, pork concept stocks in Hong Kong and A were "open to the public".
    close, the market value of Makhara shares exceeded 300 billion yuan, and a number of other pork stocks rose or stopped or rose more than 9%.
    January 4th, Yingxuan Industrial became the first company in the main production area to buy corn at a price of more than 1.4 yuan, which has equaled the corn price record set in 2014.
    prices have been rising for a month, and pork prices, which have a market value of 300 billion yuan, have been rising since the end of November.
    According to joint monitoring by the Information Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Shandong ZhuoTron Information Co., Ltd., the factory price of lean meat-type white-striped pork in 16 provinces averaged 43.16 yuan per kilogram on December 21-25, 2020, up 0.5% month-on-month and 1.9% year-on-year, down 0.6 percentage points from last week, and up 7 weeks in a row, or 17.6%.
    , an analyst at China Pacific Securities, said in a research paper that the recent sustained rebound in pig prices, in addition to the arrival of the peak consumption season, but also frozen meat import restrictions on the dual impact.
    a few companies with strong cost control and financing capabilities are still expected to make up prices to achieve counter-cyclical growth in profitability, and it is recommended to pay attention to enterprises with obvious cost advantages, followed by enterprises with faster expansion.
    Li et al., an analyst at Tianfeng Securities, pointed out in the research report that the end of the current round of pig prices rose more than the market expected, the average price of pigs is expected to remain high in 2022.
    34 pork concept stocks are on the rise, according to Oriental Wealth Choice.
    close, the pork sector as a whole rose 6.73 per cent.
    shares, Makhara shares, New Hope, Jinxinnon, Tiankang Bio, Tianbang shares and many other stocks rose and stopped.
    , the total market value of Makhara's shares exceeded 300 billion yuan to 317.854 billion yuan.
    addition, Zhengbang Technology rose 9.98 percent, Tang Dynasty Rose 9.96 percent, Xin Wufeng rose 9.95 percent and Pengdu Agriculture and Livestock rose 9.88 percent.
    Hong Kong stocks, Cofco Jiakang rose 7.81 per cent, Wanzhou International rose 3.38 per cent and Yurun Foods rose 3.17 per cent.
    Muyuan shares and Jinxin Nong 2020 performance in addition to the big rise in pork stocks, Makhara shares are also the industry's first to announce the full-year pig performance of the enterprise: december 2020 sales of 2.641 million pigs, sales revenue of 6.686 billion yuan; In December, the company sold 30.15 yuan per kilogram of commercial pigs, up 14.55 percent from November.
    year to the end of December 2020, the company was able to breed 2.624 million sows and 1.319 million reserve sows.
    2020, Makhara shares sold 1.8115 million pigs, an increase of 76.68 percent year-on-year.
    , the company sold 1.1524 million pigs, 5.948 million piglets, 643,000 pigs.
    then on the evening of January 4th Jinxinnon also released its December pig sales figures, with a total of 188.7 million pigs sold in December 2020, a total sales revenue of 526 million yuan, and an average pig sales price of 39.96 yuan. /kg (excluding piglets and breeders, the average price of commercial pigs was RMB33.34/kg), and the changes in pig sales, sales revenue and average sales price were 50.66%, 179.03% and -19.15%, respectively.
    2020, Jinxin Nong sold 803,600 pigs (including 437,000 managed pigs in the previous 10 months), with a cumulative sales revenue of 2.15 billion yuan.
    financial data show that in 2019, Jinxin agricultural and animal husbandry sector operating income of 727 million yuan.
    pig futures officially listed on January 8, head group advantage continues to highlight the Dalian Commodity Exchange recently announced that pig futures will also be listed from January 8, 2021 (Friday).
    industry analysis, the end of 2020 pig prices rose more than the market expected, pending pig futures listed this month after trading, head breeding group development advantages will be further highlighted.
    same time, the supply of pork during the Spring Festival on New Year's Day 2021 will increase by about 30% YoY, and pork prices will fall back around the Spring Festival, and overall lower than the level of the same period last year.
    article published on the website of china's largest trading house, market participants said that the listing of pig futures is of great importance to the service pig industry.
    , by playing the role of price discovery, to provide the market with open, transparent and continuous price reference, is conducive to aquaculture enterprises to manage the uncertainty at both ends of supply and demand, accelerate the pace of capacity adjustment at the current stage.
    On the other hand, pig breeding enterprises can use pig futures for hedging, transfer the risk of price fluctuations, reasonably control the scale of breeding, and re-production and expansion of production, so as to optimize the allocation of resources through market-oriented means to promote the long-term healthy development of the industry.
    corn price has broken 1.4 yuan / catty, the same as the highest price in 2014 Yingxuan Industrial became the first major production area corn purchase price of more than 1.4 yuan enterprises, this price has been flat in 2014 set a corn price record.
    addition to Yingxuan Industrial, today Runlong 1.385 yuan / catty, up 15 percent; Rong Haihuayi 1.375 yuan / catty; Hengren Industry and Trade 1.375 yuan / catty, up 15 percent; Huimin Chunhui 1.37 yuan / catty, up 1 point; Xilai starch 1.36 yuan / catty, up 2 points; Zhucheng source 1.36 yuan / catty, up 1 point; Zhucheng Xing trade 1.36 yuan / catty, up 1 point; King Pingxi 1.355 yuan / catty.
    the main reasons for the continued crazy rise of corn: 1, weather reasons, the main production area of a new round of bad weather impact, resulting in poor logistics, grain enterprises in front of the car volume once to the lowest point; 2, years ago increased consumer demand, after New Year's Day, a new round of corn stock peak is expected to come, stimulating traders to continue to raise prices, while downstream enterprises to raise prices procurement.
    3, the bullish expectations of corn is strong, traders, grain enterprises snapped up, there has been a continuous increase in prices of grain, grain, triggered the recent surge in corn prices.
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