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    The opening of Chengdu Meitushi II Industrial Park may bring a whole new pattern to the industry

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    June 6, 2020, the chairman of the United States Tushi Group issued a merchants order, positioning the "shared industrial park" of the United States Tushi Chengdu II Industrial Park for coatings and industrial chain-related enterprises to fully open up investmentit is understood that the scope of investment in industrial parks includechemical materials, resin curing agents, coatings, waterproofing, coating upstream raw materials, new materials, seeking coating labeling, investment, offer, equity cooperation, but also suitable for listed companies as a production base fund-raising projects, will form a sound industrial chain ecology, for resident enterprises to provide fertile ground for developmentMeitus Chengdu Phase II Industrial Park is a largely shared industrial park in China, is a modern green ecological science and technology park covering an area of up to thousands of acres, is a collection of ecology, science and technology, environmental protection, energy conservation in one of the large-scale garden-style modern industrial park, living, entertainment facilities in the park have everythingIndustrial Park is located in Chengdu Chongzhou Economic Development Zone, close to Chengdu to Wenjiang Expressway, north of Chongzhou passenger terminal, only 20 minutes away from Wenjiang Wansheng subway station, less than 20 kilometers from Chengdu city center, only 45 minutes from the western drunk Chengdu Shuangliu the same time, the park has obtained a safe production certificate, and passed the fire acceptance and environmental protection review, the license is complete, all ancillary facilitiesResident enterprises can easily quickly "pack production", eliminating the self-built factory generated by a number of red tapepark will also provide professional service team to follow up the whole process, for enterprises to save valuable time costs and capital costs, to achieve the purpose of deliveryIn addition, landing enterprises can also enjoy the western development of 15% income tax preferential policyit is understood that the United States Tuss "shared industrial park" since its inception, divided into three phases of construction completedThe first phase of the project has been built in Asia's advanced production line, not only has a number of automated coatings, paints, resins, real stone paint, waterproof coating production lines, but also built a CNAS certified laboratory, including automated fire and spray systems, automated sewage and environmental protection treatment systems, to ensure 0 risks, 0 hidden dangers, quality 0 problems, safety 0 accidents of the four zero is understood that with the opening of the second phase, the sharing industrial park phase 3 "advanced technology development integrated research and development" is also about to start, will further improve the industrial park industrial chain layout." this is a good time to settleIndustry insiders said that high-quality supply chain support, means more efficient production efficiency and more competitive terminal marketing, as the industry and even the home industry larger shared industrial park, the United States Tushi Chengdu Phase II Industrial Park, or will bring the industry a new pattern
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