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    The outer packaging of imported frozen beef and the inner wall of the container were positive

    • Last Update: 2021-07-24
    • Source: Internet
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    Original title: Henan Zhongmu detected positive for the outer packaging of imported frozen beef and the inner wall of the container

    The reporter learned from the Zhengzhou City Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control on the 21st that two trucks of frozen beef originating in Argentina from Zhongmou County were tested positive for outer packaging and container inner wall samples.
    The goods have not entered the market and have been sealed up


    According to reports, on the morning of December 20, the cold chain work team of the Zhongmu County Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group conducted inspections of imported cold chain foods from Qingdao in the inspection area of ​​the Wanbang Market in accordance with the mandatory inspection requirements of "each vehicle, each batch, and each category".
    During the normalized nucleic acid test, two trucks of frozen beef originating in Argentina were found.
    One truck's outer packaging sample and container inner wall sample were positive, and the other truck's outer packaging sample was single-target positive


    After receiving the report, the two-level epidemic prevention and control agencies of Zhengzhou City and Zhongmou County immediately sealed up the cargo and isolated the drivers, and quickly carried out comprehensive elimination, cargo traceability, personnel flow adjustment and sample nucleic acid re-examination
    After investigation, the two cold chain food trucks from Qingdao loaded a total of 49.
    48 tons of beef involved.
    They departed from Huangdao Port in Qingdao on the afternoon of December 18 and arrived at Zhongmu Wanbang Market on the morning of December 19 to import cold chain food.
    Supervise the area to be inspected

    The cargo containers were loaded mechanically, no manual labor was used, and they were not opened on the way; only one driver was responsible for the transportation of each vehicle, and the driver did not have any contact with the goods during the whole process

    A total of 45 samples were collected by the testing agency during nucleic acid testing.
    After testing, one sample was found to be positive for the inner wall of the container and the inner packaging of the cargo contained in one vehicle, and one sample was found outside the outer packaging of the cargo contained in the other vehicle.
    Single target is positive, the rest are negative


    On December 20, the two-level disease control departments of Zhongmou County and Zhengzhou City once again sampled the driver, the cab, the inner wall of the container, the cargo itself, and the inner and outer packaging.
    A total of 213 samples were collected and tested, and 3 original samples were reviewed

    After testing, two samples of the outer packaging of the goods contained in the two vehicles were positive and one sample was positive.
    The nucleic acid test results of the driver, the cab and the environment outside the vehicle were all negative


    It is reported that the batch of goods did not flow into the market due to timely discovery and disposal
    At the same time, the local area has reversed the source of this batch of goods, issued a notice of co-inspection to relevant agencies and units, and will dispose of the sealed goods in accordance with relevant regulations

    (Reporter Zhang Haoran)

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