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    The outer wall real stone paint quotation classification and cost synth

    • Last Update: 2021-01-11
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    China Paint Online News Information:

    , what is true stone paint?
    : mainly made of natural colored stone sand, emulsion, related additives, dry knot curing hard as stone, looks like natural real stone. Features: fireproof, waterproof, acid-base-resistant, pollution-resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, strong adhesion, never fade.
    good adhesion and freeze-resistant melting properties, especially suitable for use in cold areas.
    exterior wall real stone paint quotation classification and cost sub-group
    II, real stone paint classification and price single color: 35 plus 35 x 70 yuan / m2 (materials and construction) tricolor: 50 plus 40 x 90 yuan / m2 rock tablets: 70 plus 40 x 110 yuan / m2 elasticity: 150 yuan / m2 or more. Belongs to the high-grade real stone paint, can effectively cover the wall fine cracks.
    blisters: more than 200. Also known as liquid granite, compared with real stone paint, the simulation effect is more realistic, but lacks the texture of natural stone, the service life is also short.
    This, real stone paint grade according to cost and quality is divided into low, medium and high-grade
    effect similar to stone

    , the construction process of real stone paint putty - primer - main paint - finish
    5, real stone paint brand SKK, STO, Juno, Yass, Suzy Deer, Fuste, Dolezal, Libang, China Resources and so on.
    , material quality identification five steps to walk 1, investigation: watermelon sweet not sweet to see where it grows, real stone paint is the same, the production workshop must see. 2, see: a general judgment of the emulsion content is appropriate. Open the bucket to see if it's hydration enough, or dry Baba's. 3, touch: can generally judge the quality of emulsion. Grab a piece of paint in your hand for a moment, wait for the air to dry and then wash your hands, good lotion air dry will form a protective film, dry with your hands like tearing a layer of dead skin like a piece to tear off, washing with bathing powder is not easy to wash, must use boiling water or cleaning balls and so on to wash. 4, bubble: can judge the quality of the bone. Take a kilo of paint in a large bottle of mineral water bottle repeatedly shake, soak for more than 2 hours, sit still, observe whether the upper water is color change, cloudy. If the color change, the description is added to the color paste, if cloudy, may be poor sand hardness or stone powder. 5, keying: according to the quality of the coating has been constructed to judge the quality of the material. In good weather after three days of construction of the coating, with nails generally can not be keyed. If it can be keyed, the coating is too soft, mainly because the lotion selection is not suitable or the content is low.
    the outer wall real stone paint quotation classification and cost summary
    7, summary
    1, the main factors affecting the cost of the comprehensive unit price , material price and construction price. Construction price: single color, colorful, rock pieces are generally within 40 yuan / m2. Material price: mainly includes putty, primer, main paint, finish, in general, 12 yuan / m2 (putty 5 plus primer 2 plus paint 5) is basically fixed, the change is the price of the main paint. The price of the main paint because of the difference in material selection, the price difference is large, and grade selection, main paint dosage, etc. , the core factor is the main paint bone selection, emulsion grade and dosage. The price of the main paint is generally calculated according to the amount of the main paint per square (theoretical coating rate kg/m2) (to mid-range pure C as an example): single color: 8 to 12 yuan / kg rock piece: 12 to 18 yuan / kg elasticity: 15 to 25 yuan / kg blister water: 40 to 60 yuan / kg2, the main factors affecting the quality of the design details: the use of real stone paint imitation stone, must pay attention to the details of the design. Material quality: affects durability. Construction quality: three-point material, seven-point technology. Through the industry's analysis of the quality of real stone paint, the statistics by reason are: 20%: raw material problems;
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