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    The oxygen permeable performance test method and instrument of the plastic tube packaging of the nutrient liquid

    • Last Update: 2020-11-10
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    Nutritional liquid plastic tube packaging oxygen permeable performance test method and instrument nutrition liquid is a common health supplies, such as its packaging barrier or poor sealing, it is easy to appear in the shelf period of nutrition liquid color change and other phenomena, these phenomena and some components of the nutrient liquid is easily oxidized, because the protein, vitamins and other components in the nutrient liquid encounter oxygen easy to oxidation reaction, resulting in changes in the color of the nutrient liquid, nutrient content reduction.
    so reducing the oxygen content of plastic tubes for nutrient solution and selecting high oxygen-retardant plastic tubes are effective ways to prevent oxidation and degeneration of nutrients.
    the oxygen pass rate test method of plastic tube packaging in China is mainly Coulomb meter detection method. GB/T 31354-2014 The Coulomb meter detection method for packaging and container oxygen pass-through testing methods was introduced in 2015 and provides for testing the oxygen passability of packaging parts and containers using Coulomb metering under steady-state conditions, as well as oxygen pass-through tests for packaging materials such as plastic and composite packaging and containers with a volume of less than 2L in dry environments.
    this test to a health care products factory provided by the nutritional liquid plastic tube as an example, using Labthink Languang independently developed and produced C230H oxygen pass rate test system for testing.
    C230H is based on the principle of equal pressure testing, the pre-treated sample is clamped between the test cavity, oxygen or air flows on one side of the film, high-purity nitrogen flows on the other side of the film, and oxygen molecules spread through the film to the other side. In high-purity nitrogen, the flowing nitrogen is carried to the sensor, and the oxygen pass rate is calculated by analyzing the oxygen concentration measured by the sensor.
    The general test process is as follows: (1) apply fast-fixing glue around the pinhole in the middle of the plastic tube, so that it is fixed to the instrument-specific container test tray device, sealed, connected to the instrument by pipe, and then sealed with a sealing bag sample and pallet device.
    (2) set the test name, test temperature, test humidity and other parameters.
    (3) click on the "Start Experiment" option.
    (4) to activate the air source, adjust the humidity and the air flow.
    (5) the test is complete, the instrument automatically calculates and displays the test results.
    C230H oxygen pass rate test system test instrument introduction: C230H instrument based on the Coulomb oxygen analysis sensor and iso-pressure test principle, with reference to asTM D3985 standard design and manufacture, for high, medium gas barrier materials to provide high precision and high efficiency of oxygen pass rate testing.
    suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, daily chemistry, photovoltaic electronics and other fields of film, sheet, packaging and related materials oxygen through performance testing.
    : ASTM D3985, ASTM F1307, ASTM F1927, GB/T 19789, GB/T 31354, DIN 53-3, JIS K7126-2-B YBB 00082003-2015 Technical parameters: test range: 0.01 to 200cm3/( (standard);; 0.00005 to 1cm3/( (pack) resolution: 0.001cm3/( repeatability: 0.01cm3/( or 2%, take the large Test temperature: 10 to 55 degrees C±0.2 degrees C test humidity: 0% RH, 5% RH to 90% RH±1% RH, 100% RH additional functions: Package test ( Big 3L) : Optional DataShieldTM Data Shield: Optional GMP Computer System Requirements: Optional CFR21 Part11: Optional Specifications: Test Chamber: 3 Sample Size: 108mm×108mm Sample Thickness: ≤3mm Standard Test Area: 50cm2 carrier gas specification: 99.999% high purity nitrogen (gas source user-owned) air source pressure: ≥0.28MPa/40.6psi interface size: 1/8 inch metal pipe
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