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    The performance of API companies is deterministic, and the industry recommends sustained attention

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis" Recently, the overall performance of theAPIsector is eye-catchingAmong them, the API sector in the Menova, Aoxiang Pharmaceuticals, Yamahe Pharmaceuticals and other stocks rose more than 80%, The Company, Xianyi Pharmaceuticals, Tonghe Pharmaceuticals and other stocks rose more than 50%, according to Southwest Securities statistics, in 2019, 25 API companies increased total revenue by 14.3 percent, total net profit of the parent company increased by 17.6 percent;industry believes that the current characteristics of the API plate is in a benign acceleration stageWith the introduction of policies such as consistency evaluation, band procurement and associated review, especially the launch of injection consistency evaluation, the importance of API in the entire pharmaceutical industry chain will be enhancedHigh-quality standards of specialty materials for downstream preparations are increasingly important, the future characteristics of API industry growth space is expected to be further opened, the industrial chain pattern may changeAt the same time, the performance of API enterprises has certainty, worthy of continuous attentionindustry sources said that in terms of the pharmaceutical industry segment, relatively optimistic about the characteristics of API, because of its valuation and earnings growth certainty, both have a relatively high price-performance ratio"China's specialty API has core advantages in the world, both cost and quality, in the global market has a relatively high voiceThese companies are currently valued at between 20 and 30 times, and are expected to grow by more than 30 to 40 per cent over the next three years, which is very cost-effective"
    at present, many enterprises have confidence in the API sector For example, Lizhu Group in the newly released "Investor Relations Activity Record Table" revealed that after previous years of research and development investment, overseas standardized market development layout, the current API sector has become one of the company's profit side of the rapid growth of one of the main drivers, is expected to still be able to provide a better contribution to profit spending in the next few years securities analysts believe that, with the status of API industry and China's API industry has been continuously improved, the characteristics of API and CDMO industry and related listed companies such as Huahai Pharmaceuticals, Plo Pharmaceuticals and other worthy of sustained attention for pharmaceutical companies, only investment in research and development can build a strong moat In fact, we can also see that in recent years, many listed companies in the research and development investment is also more willing to "spend money" For example, propharmaceuticals spent 192 million yuan on research and development in 2015 and 340 million yuan in 2019, according to pro-Pharmaceuticals data The company's share price has more than doubled in the past few years In addition, Sky, C.I., Menova and other companies have also increased their research and development spending significantly over the past few years at present, including Silili, Aoxiang Pharmaceuticals and many other companies began to carry out the "
    intermediate - API - preparation" of the entire industrial chain layout In addition, there are Aoxiang Pharmaceuticals, Ang Likang, Fuxiang Pharmaceuticals and other companies have thrown out refinancing plans, plus the code to expand the production of raw materials , Fuxiang Pharmaceuticals plans to raise no more than 1.064 billion yuan in total funds, after deducting the issuance costs will be used for the efficient Pernam antibiotic construction project, an annual output of 616 tons of Nave intermediate project Anlikang intends to raise 560 million yuan for the Hangzhou drug research and development platform project with an annual output of 5 tons of doso-so-base, 20 tons of potassium hydroxide, 3 tons of benzo-phosphate l-oxamine chloramphenicol, 120 tons of pislasillin sodium, 25 tons of tatatan sodium project Aoxiang Pharmaceuticals plans to raise no more than 350 million yuan for the construction of production bases for specialty apiandic drugs and key pharmaceutical intermediates Oxiang Pharmaceuticals also intends to lay out the international API market, the company said that the company will combine the current product restructuring and market demand, play the industrial and technological advantages of API, increase the number of product types, expand the export of new advantages of API, to meet the growing domestic and foreign market demand to provide production capacity support, in order to further expand the international market in order to gain more initiative in market development.
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