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    The petrochemical industry hotly discusses the road to reform under the "double cycle"

    • Last Update: 2021-12-04
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    The Petrochemical Sub-forum of the World Oil Merchants Conference was held in Zhoushan 

    The Petrochemical Sub-forum of the World Oil Merchants Conference was held in Zhoushan 

    In the context of the "dual carbon" goal and "dual cycle" new development pattern, the petrochemical industry is facing unprecedented challenges and also ushering in strategic opportunities

    Under the background of "dual carbon", "dual cycle" and "dual control", how does the petrochemical industry need to make arrangements to break through contradictions and achieve high-quality development? Zhao Jungui, vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, believes that the "14th Five-Year Plan" period is when China's petrochemical industry shifts to independent innovation, establishes industries with comparative advantages in international competition, explores coordinated regional development and green development, and explores and international division of labor.

    In October of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Action Plan for Strict Energy Efficiency Restrictions in Key Petrochemical and Chemical Industries to Promote Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction (2021-2025)", proposing that by 2025, through the implementation of energy conservation and carbon reduction actions, the oil refining, ethylene, synthetic ammonia, and calcium carbide industries will reach The benchmark production capacity ratio exceeds 30%

    Wu Hao said that in the carbon peak situation, more dual-drive technology solutions for carbon reduction and economic development should be implemented; for refinery planning projects, low-carbon genes should be created to lay a good foundation for carbon neutrality; in the carbon neutral situation , The proportion of renewable energy is greatly increased, and oil will be more converted from fuel to raw material

    In the development of green transformation, how can petrochemical products realize "from scratch"? Liu Maoshu, Global Vice President and General Manager of the Asia-Pacific Region of Honeywell Performance Materials and Technology Group, demonstrated the transformation path of the petrochemical industry currently under development: biomass feedstock and crude oil are used to produce biofuels, fuel oil and petrochemical products through integrated refining and chemical equipment

    China has a high degree of dependence on foreign crude oil.

    Digital technology also provides a path for the petrochemical industry to promote the "dual carbon" goal

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