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    The popularity of polyol (FODMAP) diets sends a warning signal to functional grain bars that add chrysanthemum powder

    • Last Update: 2021-02-09
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    diet, which is prone to fermentation, is becoming popular, with less

    sugars, monosaccharies and polyols, giving a warning sign that snack bars, cereal bars and energy bars use more functional fibers, such as chrysanthemum powder.

    ), the "high fiber
    -added fiber" claims in cereal bars, snack bars and energy bars have plummeted over the past five years, according to the
    , a quarter of the world's snack bars, cereal bars and energy bars were declared "high fiber
    added fiber", while
    fell to
    14% in

    . Over the same period, the use of functional fiber
    decreased by

    , chrysanthemum powder was one of the main functional fiber components frequently used in these products in snack bars, cereal bars and energy bars with the "high fiber
    added fiber" globally, but its penetration rate decreased by
    . This decline is more worrying than all other food and beverage products containing chrysanthemum powder.

    of FODMAPS

    chrysanthemum powder is a fructose. By definition, fructose is oligosaccharides or polysaccharides made up of short-chain glycoside bonds. Fructose is
    FODMAPs and can cause indigestion in sensitive individuals.

    for sensitive populations,
    molecules can cause a variety of symptoms similar to gluten insulation. The recent rise of
    diet may change people's perception of chrysanthemum powder, the adverse effects of chrysanthemum powder on digestive health will be more questioned.

    although only a few people are sensitive to
    , as long as it is related to intestinal problems, health-seeking people will quickly give up this ingredient, the rapid popularity of gluten-free diet is the first lesson. People diagnosed with gluten insulation or sensitivity did not limit their gluten-free diet. Moreover, according to the Inmint report Gluten-Free Foods - United States,
    , the number of U.S. consumers who eat or are interested in gluten-free foods has increased year by year over the past three years.
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