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    The potential of biomedical industry is huge, and enterprises actively explore the development mode

    • Last Update: 2019-06-18
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    [pharmaceutical Station industry trends] biomedical industry has the characteristics of high input, high output, high risk, high technology intensive, but the potential of biomedical industry is huge

    Data shows that in recent years, the sales revenue of China's biomedical industry has been increasing, and maintained a rapid growth

    In 2017, the market scale of China's biomedical industry was 341.719 billion yuan, slowing down compared with the year-on-year growth

    It can be seen that the potential of biomedical industry is still huge in the future

    However, from the perspective of the overall situation of China's biomedical industry, there are unreasonable structure and "large number, small scale and poor management" of enterprises

    At the same time, the serious shortage of biomedical R & D funds, the lack of extensive cooperation, the low conversion rate of scientific research results, the lack of mechanism suitable for the industrialization of biomedical, the lack of industrialization talents and other problems also lead to the imbalance of the whole industry development and the lack of International competitiveness

    The 13th Five Year Plan period is the "golden five years" for the rapid development of biomedical industry

    In this context, in order to seize the good development opportunities, there are several different development models in the biomedical industry

    For example, enterprises in some regions have formed alliances or cooperation platforms to seek new development with common resources

    It is reported that relevant platforms have been built in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places

    Policy innovation has been carried out in promoting the import and customs clearance of relevant materials, solving the problems of difficult and slow import of R & D materials, and playing an important supporting role in ensuring the synchronization of China's biomedical research and development with the international

    There are also biopharmaceutical industry alliances established to break the "cooperation barriers" of Biopharmaceutical Enterprises in different regions, so that the enterprises in the alliance can quickly link up

    At the same time, it will be committed to promoting cooperation among universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises

    This is also conducive to the rapid integration of technology communication, resource sharing, talent flow and other aspects, and accelerate the high-quality development of biomedical industry

    Many other regions insist on building biomedical industry as a key industrial cluster, and have gradually formed the advantages and characteristics of regional development

    And many areas started early biomedical industry, its industrial foundation, brand characteristics and industrial layout have been basically formed, the output value continues to increase, and the total output value of industries above designated size has been improved

    In addition to the actions of enterprises and regions, the policy also opened up a "green channel" for biomedical enterprises

    Since 2019, the state has encouraged innovation, accelerated drug review and approval, and scientific and technological innovation board has opened the door for biomedical enterprises to go on the market, focusing on supporting the listing of biomedical enterprises

    These favorable policies and environment have promoted the number of biomedical innovative pharmaceutical enterprises going on the market in Hong Kong in some unprofitable stages, accelerated financing of R & D innovative pharmaceutical enterprises, and biomedical industry In the spring, it will benefit more patients

    At the same time, scientific and technological innovation board injects vitality into biomedical innovation and accelerates its development

    Up to now, there are 122 companies accepting listing applications on the science and technology innovation board platform

    If the accepting enterprises are re divided according to the industries recommended by the science and technology innovation board, the number of enterprises in the new generation information technology field and biomedical field is relatively high, accounting for 65.3% in total

    And statistics show that as of May 27, there are 16 enterprises in the biomedical industry, accounting for 14.29% of the total science and technology innovation board

    In general, under the relevant measures and cooperation, the biomedical market will be more active in the future

    However, it is also pointed out that the regional disputes of biomedical industry will become more and more obvious

    Due to the different support from different regions, it is difficult to balance the development of regional biomedical industry in China in the next few years.
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