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    The precise use of antimicrobials, how does the market pattern change with the over 100 billion?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network June 10, June 9, the National Health and Health Commission Medical Administration and Hospital Authority hung up the "on doing a good job in the new situation of the clinical application of antimicrobial drugs notice (draft for comments) public consultation announcement " ( hereinafter referred to as the "opinion draft"), to further promote the strengthening of drug management, and continue to promote the rational use of antimicrobial drugsAs requested, the deadline for feedback is 8 JulyThe catalogue emphasizes the value of the drug economy
    the opinion paper specifically suggests that the list of antimicrobial supply should be optimizedMedical institutions should optimize the supply of antimicrobialdrugs in conjunction with the "1 plus X" drug use model, which is dominated by essential drugs ("1" is the national list of essential drugs and "X" is non-essential drugs)More clearly than the current approach, the development of a catalogue of antimicrobial drug supply and prescription sets, in addition to the prescribed guarantee of the number of species, the selection of similar drugs should be selected in a safe, effective, economical and evidence-based varietiesObviously, the value orientation of clinical use is bound to counteract with the end strategy of upstream pharmaceutical companiesIn view of the current situation of the current national "4 plus 7" band procurement, the high-quality and low-cost selected products are gradually squeezing the original clinical pattern of drug useSuch as cephalosporine tablets 250mg, "4 plus 7" band procurement after the implementation, from the total sales data of the sample statistics, 2019 compared with the year-on-year level is flatHowever, it is worth noting that the winning product Chengdu Bete Pharmaceuticals' cephalosporine tablets in thehospitaluse increased by 235.1%, non-winning enterprise productsales share is declining, market share to the winning productIn this regard, the draft opinion also has a content caused concern in the industry: the clinical level to strengthen the key link managementThe management of key antimicrobial drugs should continue to be promoted, focusing on preventive use, joint use and intravenous infusion, intrauterine injection, and joint injection of antimicrobial drugsSome experts believe that this will allow manufacturers in thetender
    procurement as far as possible to seize market share, otherwise can not do precision drug use, where the space to speak of She cites the example of analysis: in recent years, antifungal drugs market is the largest category, since 2017 Hengrui's injection acetate cabo was approved for market, a number of mikafen net sodium has been approved for the market, the listing of these domestic antifungal drugs led to the use of antifungal drugs, but also broke the field of antifungal drugs long-term exclusive by nitrosemic In the case of Volikanga, for example, its share of the market sales in the sample hospital accounted for 53.4% The share of capofin's net amount accounted for 22.45 percent, and the change in antifungal species in 2019 was significantly higher than the previous year From an economic point of view, whether due to the cost of health care, or for the rational use of antimicrobialdrugs, clinical will be more inclined to use more cost-effective antimicrobial drugs   While emphasizing the value of pharmaceutical economics, experts also reminded: "In addition to paying attention to the bidding market, but also pay attention to the development trend of non-tender antibiotic specifications, antibiotic tender varieties are generally much higher than the number of non-tender specifications, the amount of coverage is also more than 90%, but this does not mean that the value and status of non-tender regulations can be ignored." "
    " small and beautiful" accurate solution to clinical pain opinion draft also has a clearer value-oriented: is the requirement of precision   How to use it with precision? The draft of the opinion clearly states that antimicrobial drugs should be included in the prescription review and evaluation, the results will be fed back to the prescription physician in a timely manner, the clinical diagnosis and treatment program should be adjusted, and the relevant indicators should be included in the performance appraisal of public hospitals and the evaluation of reasonable drug use in medical institutions At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen infection prevention and control, to achieve effective combination with antimicrobial drug management, to do a good job in the of medicine co-ordination, improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases   In addition, test support should be strengthened to promote the precise use of antimicrobial drugs To this end, medical institutions above the second level are encouraged to join the provincial or national clinical application monitoring network for antimicrobial drugs, the bacterial resistance monitoring network and the fungal disease monitoring network, and submit relevant data in accordance with the provisions The use of information to monitor the use of antimicrobial drugs dynamically, regularly carry out the basic situation of drug use and bacterial fungal resistance survey and analysis, in order to provide a scientific basis for timely intervention   Precision means that the existing pattern is adjusted Minet data show that in recent years under the influence of limited resistance, China's public medical institutions terminal systemic anti-bacterial drug market growth rate slowed significantly, the market size in 2018 is 160 billion yuan; The industry is worried about the prospect of antibioticdrugs, can the introduction of improved new drugs save the market?   It is reported that in 2018, china's urban public hospitals, county-level public hospitals, urban community centers and township hospital terminals of antimicrobial drug dosage, the proportion of injections remained at about 80%, 2018 sales reached 129.4 billion yuan, the growth rate fell to 1.76%; Tablets accounted for about 10%, sales in 2018 reached 16.3 billion yuan, the growth rate fell to 1.45%, capsules, bulk and granules, solutions, ointments, suppositories and other dosing forms of the average share of no more than 10% In 2018, Top 20, a systemic anti-bacterial drug product for chemical drugs used in china's public medical institutions, was an injection, with 7 productgrowth rates negative   Once clinically accurate medications are used, the use of antimicrobials may be even more restricted "There should be room for the development of high levels of antibiotic drugs to address clinically unmet needs," the experts said In the past two months, the practice of Hunan Province, 154 antimicrobial drugs special centralized procurement results are large-scale wins, and they also have a trend is to develop high-end antimicrobial drugs in the field of differentiation "
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