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    The price mechanism of the epoxy resin industry chain is taking shape

    • Last Update: 2021-04-27
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      [China Epoxy Industry Online] News from June 1, 2005: Recently, high-level officials from the epoxy resin production industry and the application industry have met to negotiate prices in response to the current price pressure of epoxy resins, which indicates the epoxy resin industry chain The price mechanism is taking shape.

      After "5.
    1", in view of the large number of irrational market behaviors of small dealers who stocked dozens of tons of goods and lost their hands due to the "gambling market", some dealers who understand the real situation of market supply and demand unanimously demanded that industry organizations take the domestic market as soon as possible.
    Manufacturers completely stop production, balance supply and demand, and basic import trade information are passed to the market.
    In mid-May, in order to cope with the decline in the price of epoxy resin due to the decline in the price of bisphenol A and other raw materials, the China Epoxy Resin Industry Association organized the "2005 China Epoxy Industry Summit Forum" on the 23rd.
    More than 30 leaders of oxygen resin and raw material manufacturers participated in the meeting.
    The meeting reached a consensus on stabilizing product prices, and formulated measures to eliminate and alleviate the difficulties caused by irrational fluctuations in raw materials.
    Subsequently, the Yangtze River Delta epoxy resin raw material distributors doubled The stable price of phenol A was negotiated and reached an agreement; the Pearl River Delta epoxy resin secondary processing enterprise organization also conducted consultations on the market situation, requiring epoxy resin manufacturers to raise the price, at least in the first half of June.

      One characteristic of the epoxy resin industry chain price response mechanism is that the measures introduced are based on the relationship between supply and demand, that is, the market has corresponding demand and there is no "bubble".
    It can be said to be guided by the situation and act according to market rules, so the effect is obvious.
    For example, after the bisphenol A information imbalance was eliminated, the market responded quickly.
    The price of bisphenol A that had gone all the way before formed a platform of 15,000 yuan/ton on the second day.
    After the implementation of epoxy resin price stabilization measures, market sentiment has increased and prices have rapidly consolidated.
    It is expected that the future trend will be stable and rising.

      Experts pointed out that another aspect of the industry's price response mechanism is worthy of attention, that is, the downstream say "no reduction" to the upstream, which is very different from the past.
    The reason is that in the development process, the downstream feels that the decline in raw material prices is not "good" in many cases.
    The key is to see whether the prices are reasonable.
    The excessive downturn and violent fluctuations in the price of bisphenol A once made epoxy resin manufacturers at a loss as to what to do.
    They were also under pressure from downstream price adjustments, and their market strategies were repeatedly disrupted.
    The epoxy resin processing enterprises across the country have long been troubled by low product prices.
    Although the market is large, they are not profitable.
    The rebound in the price of epoxy resin in the previous stage gave these enterprises hope, but they encountered epoxy resin when they wanted to take a ride.
    The price of resin has fallen, and if it cannot stop the fall and rise, it will inevitably suffer a huge blow.
    In order to survive, it has to hope that upstream manufacturers will stabilize.

      (Our reporter Yan Liu)

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