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    The principle of prevention and treatment of hypertension

    • Last Update: 2021-02-28
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    (i) Prevention

    primary hypertension is a common and frequent incidence, especially should pay attention to comprehensive prevention at the population level. To eliminate and control the risk factors associated with the occurrence of the disease, such as adjusting the diet of the population, living habits, improving the living and working environment, etc. Children with critical hypertension or family history should take individual secondary preventive measures, such as strict follow-up observation, control of diet quality, avoid mental stress, strengthen physical exercise, and, if necessary, give appropriate pressure-control drugs, etc. The key to the prevention of secondary hypertension lies in the prevention and treatment of primary onset.

    (ii) Treatment

    has been, as mentioned above, although there are many causes of hypertension, the basic link of its incidence is the increase of external vascular resistance and/or increase in heart output and blood volume. Therefore, the basic principle for treating hypertension is to reduce exovascular resistance and/or heart output and blood volume.

    1. Reduce the resistance of the outer blood vessels to reduce the outer blood vessels as the basic measure to treat hypertension. The most commonly used are sensing nerve blockers, vascular dilation, and anti-RAS drugs. They can reduce the resistance of the outer vascular vessels through different links in order to achieve the goal of reducing blood pressure.

    2. Reduce plasma capacity Reduce plasma capacity with diuretics to reduce plasma capacity, capacity-dependent hypertension has a better antihypertensive effect.

    3. In order to improve the effect of anti-depressants and reduce drug side effects, not only should the drug and non-drug (e.g. controlling salt intake, strengthening physical exercise, psychotherapy, etc.) anti-stress measures be combined, but also, if necessary, a variety of anti-depressants such as diuretic and different drugs to reduce blood vessel resistance should be combined.

    Finally, it should be pointed out that after the duration of hypertension, especially in elderly patients, the body's various important organs have adapted to the state of hypertension, that is, the basic irrigation flow of organs are maintained on the basis of high blood pressure levels. In this case, if the measures taken to reduce blood pressure too quickly, then even if the blood pressure level is higher than normal, but for patients with hypertension, it is difficult to maintain the basic irrigation flow of important organs, so that isoemia can occur, and even cause organ failure, so special attention should be paid.

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