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    The principle of solving defect judgment method before coating

    • Last Update: 2020-11-21
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    According to the principle of solving defects, the following three questions must be clarified:
    (1) what has changed?
    (2) change?
    (3) why did this change happen?
    to solve the pre-coating treatment defects follow the principle
    (1) to find out whether the equipment problem or the pharmaceutical problem, its judgment method can take the pre-coating treatment agent unchanged, and replace the equipment.
    (2) to find out the process and general scope of the defect. If it is proved that the defect occurs in the pre-coating treatment of the drug, then try to determine the process of producing the defect
    (3) distinguish between degreasing and phosphation. This is extremely important for judging the generation of defects.
    (4) keep a complete and accurate original record to prevent similar failures from recurring.
    (5) a defect a defect treatment.
    steps to
    to understand these issues, you can generally follow these steps to check.
    (1) to check whether the process indicators of each tank fluid are within the scope of the process, and to detect the indicators of the tank fluid.
    (2) check the temperature and pressure of the tank fluid. If necessary, thermometers can be manually tested to eliminate possible errors in the meter.
    (3) to check that the operator is doing his job correctly.
    (4) check that the work piece has been replaced with rust-proof oil or lubricant.
    (5) the water used for the inspection.
    (6) to check the process, the pressure of each process, the water temperature of the sink.
    (7) check that the temperature has met the requirements? Are the meters and records accurate?
    (8) check whether the process conditions and equipment maintenance system are adhered to.
    (9) if it is a spraying process, it is necessary to check whether the nozzle is blocked, whether it is corrected, whether the process is properly lubricated.
    (10) check that the transfer speed is correct and that there is no change.
    (11) check for changes in the potions in the field project.
    (12) check that the tank fluid is overloaded or exhausted.
    (13) check that the type of work item has changed. If it is changed, the equipment should be re-clamped or improved.
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