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    The problem of "full hospital flight" of medical representatives was rectified, and their activities were further restricted

    • Last Update: 2019-08-19
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    [pharmaceutical network industry trends] "all kinds of medical representatives (including various" medical trusts ") engaged in product sales and commercial promotion frequently enter and leave the hospital, seriously interfering with the normal medical service order, increasing the corruption risk of hospital staff being" hunted "and must be strictly rectified." It is understood that the Sichuan Provincial Hospital Science Academy and Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, the top three hospital, recently issued a document to rectify the problem of "full hospital flight" of medical representatives

    The problem of "full hospital flight" of medical representatives has been rectified (photo source:

    It is pointed out in the document that the clinical medical technology department receives medical and technical representatives from pharmaceutical enterprises; medical sales representatives are forbidden to enter the medical service area to engage in commercial promotion activities

    The document also pointed out that the security department took the lead in strengthening the continuous patrol management in the hospital area, introducing the face recognition intelligent system, regularly carrying out big data analysis, finding and timely handling violations

    The document puts forward various measures to solve the problem of "full hospital flight" of medical representatives

    If we continue to eliminate the "recommended" space, the main purpose is to make it impossible for a few people to has the final say

    To implement the system of supplier recommendation day, the relevant departments and departments should receive the business promotion products and services on the recommendation day, and in principle, they can not receive the visit on the non centralized recommendation day; The clinical medical technology department receives the representatives of medical and pharmaceutical enterprises and implements the management of "three determinations and one record"

    With the gradual implementation of volume purchase in the pilot cities, the registration and filing of medical representatives in major hospitals are becoming more and more popular, the space for sales with gold has been greatly compressed, and the anti-corruption red line of the pharmaceutical industry has been refreshed again and again

    For example, many large hospitals in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and other places have started to implement the medical representative filing system

    However, some insiders pointed out that compared with the registration and filing system of medical representatives, the state directly starts from 4 + 7 and checking the sales expenses of pharmaceutical enterprises, while reducing the market sales expenses of pharmaceutical enterprises, it also makes an investigation of the pharmaceutical cost, profit, expenses and other situations of enterprises, which may have more obvious effects

    Faced with the frequent introduction of policies, medical representatives will be forced to be eliminated or transformed

    How to go about the transformation of medical representatives? According to industry analysis, with the introduction of a series of national policies that are conducive to the listing of innovative drugs, multinational pharmaceutical companies will see a cluster of innovative drugs listed

    In the face of the development of innovative drug market, pharmaceutical representatives should pay attention to their own transformation, because innovative drugs mainly rely on academic promotion, which requires higher professional quality of marketing personnel

    The original marketing ability for expired original research drugs may not meet the promotion requirements of new drugs, so cross-country pharmaceutical enterprises need to rapidly improve their professional promotion ability or take external recruitment

    In addition, some industry insiders pointed out that with the vigorous development of basic medical treatment in the country, at present many pharmaceutical enterprises are trying to sink

    Many pharmaceutical enterprises are establishing sales teams at the grassroots level, and some pharmaceutical enterprises are also choosing the way of cooperation, ready to make vigorous development in the grassroots market

    For example, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Bayer, moshadong, GlaxoSmithKline and other major foreign funded pharmaceutical enterprises are vigorously recruiting grassroots pharmaceutical representatives, and many domestic pharmaceutical enterprises such as China Resources Shuanghe, Zhejiang Jingxin, Yunnan Baiyao are also actively layout

    Nowadays, the whole environment is regulating the professional environment of medical representatives

    On the one hand, it directly limits the actions of medical representatives in hospitals

    On the other hand, a series of measures, such as 4 + 7, consistency evaluation and audit by the Ministry of finance, will make the medical representatives who grew savagely in the gap before face elimination, diversion and reconstruction

    In short, with the implementation of major policies, the issue of "full hospital flying" of medical representatives will be gradually rectified, and the medical sales environment will be better.
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