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    The protection of the intellectual property rights of the Winter Olympics has achieved results, and many places across the country have taken practical actions to escort the Winter Olympics

    • Last Update: 2022-09-04
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    The Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing.


    In order to ensure that the intellectual property protection of the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games has a legal basis and establish a legal basis for the protection of the Winter Olympics symbols, on January 29, 2019, the 42nd executive meeting of the Hebei Provincial Government passed the "Hebei Provincial Olympic Symbols Protection".

    Up to now, the province has issued more than 90,000 publicity materials on the protection of the Olympic symbols.

    Zhangjiakou Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision carried out a visit to enterprises with intellectual property rights to publicize the knowledge of intellectual property protection of the Winter Olympics to enterprises

    In October 2021, the Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Bureau organized a series of centralized publicity activities for the protection of the Olympic symbols throughout the province

    Beijing and Hebei signed the "2022 Winter Olympics Intellectual Property Protection Cooperation Agreement", starting from strengthening protection cooperation, promoting law enforcement linkage, smooth communication channels, and sharing protection resources, giving full play to their respective functional advantages, and building a full-chain and all-round system.

    Zhangjiakou Market Supervision Bureau and Beijing Four District (Yanqing District, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Shijingshan District) Market Supervision Bureau jointly signed the "2022 Winter Olympic Games Cross-regional Trademark Supervision and Law Enforcement Linkage Mechanism Agreement" and "Zhangjiakou Market Supervision" Administration Bureau of Beijing Yanqing District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau Inter-regional Market Supervision Cooperation Framework Agreement, etc.


    Tianjin fully deploys its forces, strengthens inspections of key areas and key commodities, unblocks complaint channels, cooperates with Beijing and Hebei regions, responds quickly, and has "zero tolerance" for infringement of Olympic logo intellectual property rights.

      The Dongli District Market Supervision Bureau communicated with the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee to obtain relevant information on legal users such as sponsoring companies, licensed manufacturers and licensed sellers within its jurisdiction, and clarified the types, licensees and licenses of the Olympic symbols for the Winter Olympics.


      From November 2021, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Office will launch a special campaign for the protection of intellectual property rights for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in the city, dispatching 3,095 law enforcement officers, filing and investigating 40 cases of intellectual property infringement of the Olympic symbols, and closing the cases to investigate and punish Olympic infringements.

      The Shanghai Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Department strengthened cross-departmental protection cooperation and focused on three-dimensional protection


      The Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau (Intellectual Property Office) formulated specific action plans based on the actual situation in Guangdong, actively carried out special trainings, and mobilized comprehensive market supervision and law enforcement forces to quickly organize a special campaign for the protection of Olympic symbols across the province, and severely crack down on violations of the Olympic Games in accordance with the law.

      Guangdong market supervision departments make full use of big data monitoring methods to monitor traditional media and Internet media advertisements


      Anhui Intellectual Property Office has actively carried out the special campaign to protect the intellectual property rights of the Olympic logo.

      The special action will start in October 2021, mainly around "the unauthorized use of the Olympic logo for commercial purposes, or the use of misleadingly similar logos that infringe the exclusive rights of the Olympic logo; infringement of patents related to the Olympic logo, Illegal acts of intellectual property rights such as trademarks; without the permission of the rights holder, the use of relevant elements of the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics to publish advertisements, which is enough to cause people to mistakenly believe that there is sponsorship or other support relationship with the rights holder, or mislead consumers.


      In March 2021, the Jiangsu Provincial Intellectual Property Office formulated and issued the "2021 Implementation Plan for the Administrative Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Jiangsu Province", focusing on the deployment of Olympic intellectual property protection

      Since the launch of the operation, all parts of the province have actively leveraged the advantages of comprehensive law enforcement, gathering key commodities, key markets, key areas and important time nodes to carry out centralized rectification
    Focus on supervising advertising, the Internet and other areas that attract high public attention, have a large influence, and are prone to frequent infringements, adopt various forms to strengthen the inspection of radio stations and other media, and focus on publicity during the countdown of 100 days and 30 days, and standardize advertising.
    The use of the Olympic logo in marketing and marketing, and severely crack down on the use of elements related to the Winter Olympics and Paralympics to publish advertisements without the permission of the right holder, which is enough to lead people to believe that there is a sponsorship or other support relationship with the right holder, misleading consumption illegal advertisements by the person
    Strengthen the connection with network operators, video media platforms, etc.
    , and carry out investigations of illegal information to ensure that no dead ends are left
    At the same time, it also strengthens communication and cooperation with e-commerce platforms, strengthens the analysis and application of big data, realizes simultaneous online and offline attacks, and provides convenience to the infringers involved in the case and helps them carry out the infringement.
    Bear joint and several liability with the infringer, and implement simultaneous investigation and punishment
    Outstanding achievements have been made in the protection of Olympic logo intellectual property rights in the province.
    A total of 261 special inspections have been carried out, 38 clues have been handled, involving catering, medical and other fields.
    14 cases of infringement of the Olympic logo have been investigated and 12 cases have been closed, involving a total amount of 220,700 yuan.
    , 593,100 yuan in fines and confiscations, which effectively maintained the market order and protected the legitimate rights and interests of rights holders


      Hubei Provincial Intellectual Property Office, in accordance with the unified deployment of the State Intellectual Property Office, has made steady progress in the protection of the intellectual property rights of the Olympic symbols in the province and carried out in an orderly manner

      As of February 9, the province has dispatched a total of 9,832 law enforcement officers, inspected over 16,000 market entities such as supermarkets and bazaars, investigated and dealt with 2 cases of infringing the exclusive rights of the Olympic logo, and accepted and dealt with public service platforms such as 12315.
    It handled 34 complaints and reports, organized 54 business trainings within the system, and organized 148 social publicity activities

      The province has continued to carry out the action of "clearing the bottom line, checking hidden dangers, and correcting violations", to understand the legal users of the Olympic symbols in Hubei Province, and to establish a work ledger
    Strengthen the administrative guidance and random inspections of legal users of the Olympic logo and the manufacturers and processors of Olympic logo-related products, focusing on sports venues such as supermarkets, farmers markets, tourist attractions, gyms, sports fields, parks and squares, as well as sponsoring companies, holding companies within their jurisdictions.
    Investigate and inspect rights broadcasters, licensed producers, franchisees and their stores, comprehensively use public service platforms such as 12315 to collect and investigate clues to violations of laws and regulations, and strictly investigate and punish illegal production and sales of Olympic-related infringing goods

      (Cai Ying and Sun Yaman)

    "China Food News" (February 15, 2022 03 edition)

      (Editor-in-charge: Yuan Guofeng)




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