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    The PVC market atmosphere is stable and the investor mentality is stable

    • Last Update: 2022-12-13
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    The PVC market sentiment is stable, and after yesterday's price rise slightly, today is temporarily average
    The pressure on suppliers has been reduced, the overall performance of chemical futures is better, the investor mentality is stable, and the price changes in various markets are not large
    for the time being.


    Type 5 ordinary calcium carbide, the mainstream self-pickup quotation in East China is 6770-6840 yuan / ton; 6880-6930 yuan / ton self-pickup in South China; Shandong mainstream 6770-6820 yuan / ton delivery, Hebei market mainstream 6720-6830 yuan / ton delivery

    The PVC market atmosphere in Qilu Chemical City is calm, the downstream demand is acceptable, the mainstream price changes little, and the real single talk

    Hangzhou PVC market is mainly sorted out, traders' quotations are slightly adjusted, market high price shipments are blocked, and the inquiry atmosphere is not good

    The atmosphere of Hebei PVC market is calm, the terminal purchases on demand, and the low price has been reduced one after another, but today's transaction performance is average

    Changzhou's PVC market has not changed much, traders basically stabilize prices, downstream inquiries and procurement enthusiasm are general, and the overall trading is tepid

    Guangzhou PVC market atmosphere is stable, demand is not good, inquiry is less, trading volume is low, and the price is temporarily stable

    The Shanghai PVC market was slightly adjusted, the downstream procurement intention was general, and the transaction did not increase

    Linyi PVC market atmosphere is calm, demand is general, trading is tepid, the price is stable, the 5 type material does not include tax reported 6240-6290 yuan / ton to deliver, the vehicle price is slightly lower

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