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    The red blood cells of pigs may be useful.

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    It is understood that human blood type is determined by the blood type-specific oligosaccharide structure present in blood cellsFor example, a blood type of red blood cell surface a specific oligosaccharides, no B-specific oligosaccharides, the presence of anti-B blood-specific oligosaccharides in the blood antibodies, once the input of type B blood, the body will immediately occur by anti-B blood antibody-mediated acute hemolytic reaction, so type A blood patients can not accept type B blood transfusionSimilar to human ABO blood types, there are different structures of oligosaccharides in red blood cellsThe main difference between pig blood and human blood is the oligosaccharide on the surface of pig red blood cells, which has an end semi-lactose, which becomes an attack target for the body's immune systemPeople have very high antibodies in the blood, once the pig red blood cells into the body, will immediately trigger an acute hemolytic reaction, which limits the use of red blood cells in pigsChen Li research team in the long-term bacterial research found that meningitis septic elisabeth gold bacteria has a special function of semi-lactose sideside enzyme, after gene cloning, protein expression purification and functional analysis confirmed that the enzyme under physiological conditions, can be efficient enzyme cut pig blood cell end semi-lactoseIts "extraordinary" is that it can be in physiological conditions, specific hydrolysation of the surface of pig red blood cells of the hetero-sugar structure, the pig red blood cell oligosaccharides end of the semi-lactose removal, the successful preparation of adult pig red blood cellsChen Li said that pig blood by the specific glycoside enzyme treatment, can effectively relieve the acute hemolytic reaction, because pig red blood cells can be attacked by the body's immune system on the main target is hydrolysised, no longer existThis result is of great importance for ensuring a large supply of blood under emergency conditions such as war and disaster.
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