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    The relocation of customs is approaching Hubei's riversideization, expecting supporting policies to be introduced

    • Last Update: 2021-07-04
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    Global Coatings Network News:

    On June 8, the Hubei Provincial Government issued the "Work Plan for Relocation and Relocation of Chemical Enterprises along the Yangtze River in Hubei Province" that all existing chemical companies that do not meet the planning zoning or safety and environmental protection conditions, and have environmental pollution risks, shall be closed or closed.

    "Shuanghe Jiangbei Industrial Park is one of the three industrial parks under the jurisdiction of Zhongxiang City.
    It is still difficult to say whether it can be retained.
    After seeing the "Plan", we felt at a loss and had to suspend the two projects with an investment of 360 million yuan.
    Come down.
    " Luo Shihua, the chairman of the company, said with concern.
    They went to the relevant departments of Hubei Province for consultation on this matter many times, but they did not get a clear answer.
    They only said that 2020 is a node.
    As long as the company's environmental protection and safety standards are met, there will still be A grace period of several years.

    "Kailong Chuxing is neither within 1 km along the river, nor is it among the Han River and Qingjiang River, but the local government has extended the relocation range from the main tributaries such as the Han River and Qingjiang River to more than 10 kilometers.
    If we want to relocate, I don’t know where to move, and there is no place to move the Jingmen Chemical Recycling Industrial Park.
    Once relocated, the 360 ​​million yuan we have invested will be lost.
    If we wait for the relocation in 2020, we will lose at least 1.
    5 billion yuan.
    " Luo Shihua was bitter to the reporter.

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