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    The report of medical sales compensation in 2020 released that the bottom salary of sales personnel of biotechnology company is the highest

    • Last Update: 2020-06-19
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    < br / > biotech companies have the highest revenue and the largest revenue growth group< br / > 2411 responses have been received in this survey96% of the staff have worked in the industry for more than 4 years, covering Pharmaceutical sales, medical device sales, specialty drug sales, as well as pharmaceutical natural persons acting as agents, with positions ranging from front-line representatives to sales managers< br / > specifically, the annual average base salary of sales personnel in the whole industry is 99939 US dollars (about 707600 RMB), the median salary at the end of the year is 90000 US dollars (about 637200 RMB), the average annual total income is 168899 US dollars (about 1195900 RMB), and the median income is 155000 US dollars (about 1097500 RMB)< br / > among them, the sales revenue and growth rate of biotechnology company is the highest in the whole industryThe annual average base salary is 134388 US dollars (about 951500 RMB), the annual average total income is 198282 US dollars (about 1403900 RMB), an increase of 11% compared with last yearThe total income of medical device sales personnel ranks the second, and the annual average total income is 180865 US dollars (about 128060 RMB), It's 9% higher than last year< br / > annual income of sales personnel in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States < br / > < br / > in fact, as in last year, the sales personnel of medical and health IT products and imaging diagnosis products are the highest in total income, but the number is small, accounting for only 4%, so they are not included in the above comparison< br / > as the previous survey results, the income of young sales personnel is lower than that of senior sales personnelIn foreign countries, pharmaceutical sales is a career that can be done for lifeThose who persist in the industry will get rich returnsThe average working age of this survey is 12.2 years, 96% of them have been in the industry for more than 4 years, and one third (32%) of the respondents are about 40 years old, with an average age of 43.4 Years old< br / > age and annual income of medical sales personnel < br / > < br / > < br / > working years and annual income of medical sales personnel < br / > (unit: USD) < br / > medical sales personnel in the United States can still enjoy a lot of benefitsSpecifically, for travel benefits, 37% of the people and companies allocate cars, 44% of the people and companies send gas cards or directly reimburse oil fees, 48% of them have car subsidies, while the most common benefits in the industry are:, Health insurance (84%), 401k (79%), welfare reimbursement (72%) and car allowance (48%), which are basically unchanged from the previous yearsIn addition, compared with last year, parental leave, telemedicine service and adoption subsidy have increased< br / > others will not be listed one by one< br / > the survey was launched in March this year, just in time for the global outbreak of covid-19, which led to the US medical sales staff working at home 81% of the respondents said they expected the impact of the epidemic on their income this year, which may be less than that in 2019 < br / > we hope that the results of next year's survey will prove that this kind of speculation is wrong.
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