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    The requirements of concrete sealing agent floor for cement flooring

    • Last Update: 2021-01-14
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    Concrete sealing curing agent floor, also known as wear-resistant hardened floor or concrete hardened floor, it has 8-9 grade wear-resistant hardness, suitable for a variety of industrial occasions, such as: workshop, warehouse, garage, plant new ground treatment, old ground renovation, etc., mainly used in concrete flooring, errite flooring, diamond sand wear-resistant flooring. Concrete sealing curing agent floor construction is simple, life of more than 20 years, with no dust, pressure, impermeability and so on. The following Fivans to professional technology to explain the concrete sealing curing agent floor construction team cement ground requirements.
    first, concrete sealing curing agent floor on the cement floor requirements:
    1, strength of more than C25 (at least C20 above).
    2, the water ash ratio is not higher than 0.4.
    3, the on-site mixing of concrete collapse should not be greater than 5cm, pumping concrete collapse should not be greater than 12cm.
    4, for the secondary pouring of concrete floor, the thickness of its surface layer should not be less than 5cm.
    5, in order to achieve better results, Wen Yiding proposed to add steel mesh in the concrete (rebar diameter should be >∮16).
    6, concrete to find a positive or negative 1.5CM, telescopic seams can be divided according to the workshop area, as far as possible uniform.
    7, pulp 3 times, raw pulp machinery 3 times.
    8, light leveling, no knife printing on the ground, no sand, no honeycomb (more than 95% of the standard), no empty drum, no layering.
    9, maintenance: watering 7 days of maintenance.
    10, formed concrete can be blocked for unlimited time curing (hardening) treatment, short cycle, flexible construction, ambient temperature greater than 0 degrees can be normal construction.
    the requirements of concrete sealing curing agent floor for cement

    Second, the concrete sealing curing agent floor construction process notes:
    1, the floor drying: to ensure that the penetration curing agent fully grinding to the concrete capillary holes, to help the formation of polysilicon layer.
    2, osmotic curing agent soaking time sufficient (more than 4 hours): to ensure the depth of the polysilicon layer, the longer the hardness is higher.
    3, thoroughly clean the ground: the surface of the floor without hardened material residue, is good for the beauty of the floor.
    4, curing agent dosage sufficient: to ensure the depth of the polysilicon layer and ground hardness.
    5, the number of grinding times is sufficient: to ensure the depth of the curing agent penetration, to help the material and cement reaction accelerated, and the number of grinding and brightness has a great relationship.
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