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    The requirements of the microbial industry for strains

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    With the development of human civilization, resource shortage, environmental pollution and other problems began to appearBiological science and technology compared to the traditional chemical methods are closer to nature, everything in nature is composed of a variety of reactions, all the reactions of human production and life in nature can almost find similar reactions in steadOf these reactions, there is nothing more thoroughly studied than the use of microorganismsthe microbial industry's requirements for the strains are as follows:1, medium raw materials wide source, low-cost2, culture conditions easy to control (PH value, temperature, osmotic pressure)3, fermentation cycle is short ;4, high yield of strains;5, strong antiviral (phage) ability ; 6, strain characteristics are stable, not easy to mutate degradation ; 7, the bacteria themselves can not be pathogen s;industry commonly used microorganisms:1, bacteria: short bacillus: amino acid fermentation (glutamate) dry spores: amylase (BF7658), alkaline protease and other jaundice spores: high temperature a-amylase Clostridium spore bacteria: acetone, butric acid and other fermentation2, yeast: beer yeast: brewery yeast, coenzyme fermentationalcohol: : Food industry, for ethyl acetatefalse silk yeast: SCP production, petroleum fermentation3, moldblack crankmold: citric acid industry, wine industry, enzyme preparation industry (glycoenzyme)aflet: soy sauce production (3042), pasta penicillin: penicillin production erythromycin: red citric wine production; The production of tofu milk, etc erythromycin: the production of erythromycin, is a plant growth hormone 4, the line bacteria 5, the 6, algae industrial microbial culture type: 1, liquid culture method: triangular bottle shaker shock or swing culture 2, surface culture method: liquid surface 3, solid-state culture
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