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    The research of key core technologies of the chemical industry will be accelerated

    • Last Update: 2022-09-20
    • Source: Internet
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    Global Coatings Network News: Recently, the "Opinions on Improving the New National System of Key Core Technologies under the Conditions of socialist Market Economy" deliberated and adopted by the 27th meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensively Deepening Reform has attracted widespread attention
    in the chemical industry.
    Industry insiders believe that the "Opinions" are bound to stimulate the chemical industry to crack the scientific and technological problems, tackle key technologies, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading
    of the industry.

    The "Opinions" put forward that it is necessary to organically combine the government, the market and social forces, scientific overall planning, concentration of forces, optimization of mechanisms, and coordinated research; Aim at a number of key areas and major tasks related to China's industry, economy and national security, and clarify the main direction of attack and the breakthrough of core technologies; Focus on the research and development of key technologies with first-mover advantages and basic cutting-edge technologies
    that lead future development.

    In terms of the organizational measures of the national system, the "Opinions" highlight the strengthening of the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee, the establishment of an authoritative decision-making and command system, and the construction of an organizational and operational mechanism for coordinated research, the efficient allocation of scientific and technological forces and innovative resources, and the formation of a strong joint force
    for key core technology research by strengthening cross-field and interdisciplinary collaborative research.
    At the same time, it is proposed to accelerate the transformation of the government's science and technology management functions, create a good innovation ecology, and stimulate the vitality
    of innovative subjects.

    Xin Chunlin, vice president of the China Institute of Industrial Carbon Neutrality at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, said that the "Opinions" were introduced based on the fact that China's economy has moved from high-speed growth to high-quality development, and some Western developed countries have adopted a comprehensive blockade policy on some key core technologies
    To solve these key core technical problems, China's historical experience shows that it is more effective
    to improve the new national system.
    Having a government and efficient markets is key
    to this.
    On the one hand, by strengthening the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee, the government will coordinate the allocation of national resources and forces, and aim at and complete a number of key areas and major tasks related to China's industry, economy and national security; On the other hand, we can give full play to the effective market vitality, strengthen the main position of enterprise technological innovation, efficiently allocate scientific and technological forces and innovation resources, and promote cross-field and interdisciplinary collaborative research
    The petroleum and chemical industry occupies a pivotal position in China's industrial chain supply chain and faces many key core technical problems, and the introduction of the Opinions can be described as opportune

    Su Xianbin, a professor at the School of Chemical Engineering of Nanjing University of Technology, believes that in accordance with the spirit of the "Opinions", improving the new national system of chemical science and technology will help accelerate the implementation of the development strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, strengthening the country with talents and innovation, greatly improving the systematic and systematic ability of national scientific and technological research, forming national competitive advantages in many high-end important fields, and helping industry enterprises win the initiative in
    international competition.

    Jin Yao, secretary of the Party Committee of Lianyungang (Duigou) Chemical Industry Park, said at the symposium on the new national system of investment attraction and improvement of core technology research in the park that combined with the actual situation of the park and chemical enterprises, it is necessary to study and implement the concept and measures of improving the national system of core technology research, and the most important thing is to lock in the new ecological concept, compare the new standards for construction, find out the key points that restrict the competitiveness of the park, and do everything possible to create a safe, ecological, green and low-carbon new park
    with sustainable vitality.

    Industry experts believe that in the history of China's small nitrogen fertilizer device scientific research using the national system model, has achieved good results
    Nowadays, in the face of the situation that there are many small and medium-sized chemical enterprises, the innovation subjects are excessively dispersed, and it is difficult to rely on their own strength to solve the key core technology problems such as the process transformation of the chemical "two key and one major" production device, the improvement of the new national system of key core technologies of the chemical industry will help the chemical industry to build a new pattern
    of high-quality development.

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