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    The results of a new round of national collection of varieties were announced, and two popular varieties were out of the market

    • Last Update: 2019-12-30
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    [industry trends of pharmaceutical network] on December 29, the state organized the joint procurement office of centralized drug procurement and use released the national centralized drug procurement document (gy-yd2019-2), which published a new round of national centralized procurement catalogue, involving 33 varieties such as the regular release dosage form of abitrong oral service The document also shows that the procurement of the new wheel belt quantity will start at 8:00 a.m on Friday, January 17, 2020, and will be confirmed by the supply area at 2:00 p.m This means that only half a month has been left for the enterprise Among them, it is worth noting that unlike the first round of centralized procurement rules, bid winning enterprises are no longer limited to three, and the agreed procurement volume is linked with the number of bid winning enterprises In addition, the procurement cycle is linked to the selection of enterprises In principle, the procurement cycle is one year for the actual selection of one enterprise in China; two years for the selection of two to three enterprises; three years for the selection of four or more enterprises As for the number of enterprises that have been shortlisted in the industry, this round of procurement is also different from the first round According to the centralized procurement documents, the number of shortlisted enterprises is related to the number of enterprises that meet the requirements of "Declaration of variety qualification", and up to six enterprises can be shortlisted In addition, compared with the previous round of online marketing, 35 varieties will be shortlisted, involving 61 specifications and 190 drugs Different from the published results, the two varieties of metformin sustained-release dosage form and metformin oral regular release dosage form are not as shortlisted as online marketing However, the competition between the two varieties has been fierce According to data, there are as many as 11 enterprises that have passed / deemed consistency evaluation of metformin oral regular release dosage forms (i.e metformin tablets) (0.25g, 0.5g and 0.85g) As for metformin sustained-release dosage form, there are as many as 11 enterprises that have passed / deemed to pass the consistency evaluation, including Zhengda Tianqing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd and Ouyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd of Sinopharm group, etc.; only Ouyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd of Sinopharm group has passed the 0.75g product specification Among the three product specifications, only the European Italian pharmaceutical industry of Sinopharm group is included, and the other 10 enterprises can only compete on the 0.25g product specification   In fact, metformin was not shortlisted on the Internet Some insiders said it was related to the fact that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said in a statement that the agency was testing NDMA pollution in metformin sold in the United States It is reported that, in addition to the United States, the drug regulatory authorities in Singapore, Europe and Canada have also identified n in metformin DMA content was detected Recently, three of the 46 metformin drugs sold in Singapore have been recalled after the health science administration of Singapore announced that NDMA in metformin may be higher than the "internationally acceptable level" EU authorities are asking companies to investigate and test metformin drugs in the EU market, and provide timely feedback on the results The future of this drug is a little unpredictable before the results of the above areas come out It is not known how much the impact of the sudden "exit" of metformin on the new round of national procurement list will have on the enterprises in fierce competition.
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