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    The results of the 22 drug band purchases were announced.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-01
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, the results of guangdong pharmacy collection, which has attracted much attention from the industry, were officially announced.
    Guangdong's first round of drugstore collection and collection of the volume involving a total of 22 product regulations, the total purchase amount of more than 110 million yuan, a number of manufacturers to the "4 plus 7" band procurement bid price even lower than the winning bid price to Guangdong retail pharmacies, the average price decline of 61.2%.
    it is understood that in April this year, Guangdong Province Drug Trading Center issued a pharmacy collection announcement, as a focus on retail pharmacies and non-public medical institutions of the third-party electronic drug trading business platform, Guangdong Three PharmaceuticalS Electronic Trading Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Three Medical") quickly organized pharmacies to form a procurement consortium to carry out volume bargaining, attracting nearly 170 chain pharmacies, 400 single pharmacies, nearly 300,000 stores and more than 800 million stores in the province.
    the first round of the pilot collection of guangdong Pharmaceutical Retail Industry Association, the organization of procurement consortium and upstream enterprises to focus on bargaining, and has with Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical, Qilu Pharmaceuticals, Xinlitai Pharmaceuticals, East China Pharmaceuticals, Ambison Pharmaceuticals and more than a dozen well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad to negotiate the price.
    Guangdong three medical related person in charge of The seiber blue said that the current round of collection is intended to try, and finally invited 17 retail pharmacies to collect, the amount of more than 110 million yuan.
    the varieties involved are basically the country's first batch of selected and non-selected small number of products, taking into account the needs of pharmacies, the purpose is to allow pharmacies to enjoy the state negotiated price procurement to the selected varieties, but also to enable non-selected varieties to reduce prices.
    he revealed that from the results of this water test, the drugstore demand for collection is very strong.
    the second round of pharmacy collection in Guangdong Province will open soon.
    the next round of collection will be mainly for the country's second batch of products, and will be fully open to all those who comply with the "Trading Measures" procurement, including retail pharmacies, non-public medical institutions and so on.
    at present, Guangdong three doctors are on the second round of collection research, communication with retail pharmacies to develop a collection catalog, mainly around the country's second batch of collected drugs to carry out selection, while taking into account the wishes of pharmacies, in order to better meet market demand.
    from the results of the first round of drugstore collection, the average decline reached more than 60%, basically in line with the national negotiated price.
    , some varieties are even lower than the purchase price of the band, mainly because some manufacturers failed to win the bid, in order to win the retail market share and reduce prices.
    drugstore collection, comprehensive spread well known, since the introduction of the national band procurement policy, many places have clearly issued to encourage pharmacies to participate in the volume procurement.
    at present, in addition to Guangdong, other retail pharmacies around the active "group heating."
    for example, last year, Shandong and Zhejiang provinces liberalized the collection of pharmacies.
    so far this year, Guizhou, Yunnan and other provinces with volume procurement of relevant documents, but also retail pharmacies or health insurance fixed-point retail pharmacies into its procurement of the main scope.
    According to yunnan drug circulation association, on April 28, 2020, the second batch of national collection results officially landed in Yunnan. as of May 27,
    , the number of purchase orders in the procurement and transaction area has reached 2097, with a purchase amount of 775.32 million yuan.
    , retail pharmacies purchase dispensing amounting to 5351 million yuan, consumers will be able to buy selected drugs through 74 retail pharmacies, such as One Heart, Jianjia.
    about the problems that pharmacies may face after joining the collection, Wu Jieping, head of Guangzhou Zhengkang chain of large pharmacies, told Seiber Blue that the most important problem facing retail pharmacies is the opening of the health insurance channel and the outflow of prescriptions.
    For now, retail pharmacies are hard to enjoy the dividends of hospital prescription outflows.
    although "the sale price of fixed-point drug stores is appropriately increased on the basis of the standard of medical insurance payment in public hospitals", the low price will be more competitive in the market competition.
    , the issue of mediccy reimbursement has also given many patients priority hospitals.
    industry insiders believe that the drugstore collection is a good phenomenon, which is conducive to the operation of pharmacies at the same time, but also conducive to consumers.
    to incorporate more products with large retail and hospital price differences, as well as high retail sales, into the pharmacy collection, to better match hospital prescription outflows in the future.
    Opportunities and Challenges By the end of 2018, there were 489,000 retail pharmacies in China, while Guangdong Province had more than 54,000 pharmacies, the most widely distributed province in the country.
    Guangdong's first water-testing pharmacy collection, for the development of the industry is of great significance.
    Guangdong three medical related person-in-charge to The seiber blue said that the drugstore to participate in centralized procurement, is conducive to reducing drug procurement prices, improve the overall competitiveness of pharmacies.
    through centralized procurement, can help pharmacies comb the existing commodity system, better fit the hospital pharmacy catalog, prepare for the outflow of prescriptions, accelerate the promotion of the division of medicines, and prepare for the subsequent possible arrival of health insurance co-ordination.
    future pharmaceutical companies participating in national collection will take the retail market into account more, and price competition is expected to be more adequate.
    he believes that as drugstores move forward, there will be price pressure on drug companies, after all, consumers will compare drugstore prices with hospitals.
    because of the reduction of procurement costs, shorten the drug circulation supply chain, reduce the cost of drug use is originally the purpose of collection, for pharmaceutical companies, how to improve the level of production technology, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, is the key to compete for the drug market in the future.
    for retail pharmacies, participating in centralized procurement can help pharmacies gain more price advantages, but also help to sort out the commodity system.
    with the addition of more and more retail pharmacies, pharmacies that do not participate in the collection will face greater pressure to survive.
    for the drugstores that join the collection, by collecting to reduce procurement costs and lower prices, can improve the viability of pharmacies, so that more pharmacies to focus on improving their own level of operation and services, so that pharmacies return to their own value.
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