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    The results of the work of the team of medicinal bacteria in Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences

    • Last Update: 2021-01-22
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    Original title: Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences food medicinal bacteria team work results at the end of
    years, china Edible Bacteria Association each branch has launched a summary of 2020, planning 2021 work, 2020 is an extraordinary year, however, in all areas of our edible bacteria industry there are many can be circled results, small editors will be introduced one after another, so that we exchange learning to
    today, share the results of the Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences pharmaceutical team

    "Basic research to the next level
    Gao Hong researcher on the new NSF surface project "Irradiated cleft multisaccharides on the intestinal bacteria regulatory mechanism and key effect factors analysis

    (32072229)"; Microbiota and Its Reed Effects to Host: A Review"; Dr. Stoffel presented a research paper on LWT-
    Food Science and Technology
    (JCR 1, Impact Factor 4.006) on "Effects of low-dose γ-irradiation on water state fresh of Lentinula edodes".
    new technologies, new product highlights
    the team in 2020 has four invention patents granted, namely: a mushroom flavor of health-care rice food billet preparation method (ZL201611230219.6), an irradiated-enzyme solution to assist non-thermal high-pressure legal preparation of melanin method (ZL201611230219.6) ZL201910504369.9), a ready-to-eat preparation method for mushroom casual food (ZL201710440616.4) and a ready-to-eat mushroom handle crispy strip (ZL201710440535 .4). Research and development of aphid grass wine, insect grass nutrition rice and other new products put on the market, in Chengdu sugar wine fair, Wuhan Agricultural Expo and other exhibitions, has been widely praised.
    Further promote the transformation and application of results
    In 2020, the team has four patent transfers, among which "a method for preparing high-fold brewing pulp with deep fermentation solution of black wood ears" and "a method for preparing health-care rice food blanks with mushroom flavor" Transfer to Hubei Haowei Technology Co., Ltd., "a method to strengthen the extraction of polysaccharides in the rice medium of the northern worm grass", "a method of ultra-high pressure extraction of the northern worm grass rice medium worm grass in the grass" transferred to Wuhan Tianying Technology Co., Ltd., and to assist the company in the development of the record of food safety enterprise standards in Hubei Province, "the grass grain powder." Participated in hubei Province's unveiling project "Food bacteria compound special dietary products key technology research and development", and Zhongxiang Xingli company jointly developed "edible fungus-soluble bean nutritional composition and functional composition analysis system" (copyrighted software), and in the enterprise transformation application.
    Strengthen platform construction and foreign exchange and cooperation
    In 2020, the team and enterprises jointly built three provincial innovation platforms: Hubei Province edible fungus ready-to-eat food research and development enterprises and schools joint innovation center, Hubei Province edible bacteria freeze-dried food enterprises and schools joint innovation center and Hubei Zhongxiang edible bacteria processing village revitalization of scientific and technological innovation demonstration base. In terms of foreign exchanges, at the Yichang Yuan'an Edible Bacteria Industry Conference in October 2020, Gao Hong researchers were invited to make a conference report on "Opportunities and Innovations in the Processing of Edible Bacteria under the Normalization of Epidemic Prevention and Control";
    : Gao Hong
    Deputy Chairman of the Medicinal Fungi Committee of the Chinese Edible Bacteria Association
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