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    The role of waterborne epoxy curing agent in epoxy floor

    • Last Update: 2022-01-21
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    Waterborne epoxy curing agent floor paint is a coating composed of epoxy resin and curing agent
    When preparing waterborne epoxy floor coatings, the choice of curing agent is very important


    The waterborne epoxy coating is a multiphase system, while the epoxy resin is the dispersed phase, and the curing agent is the continuous phase coating online coatingol.

    The curing process of the water-based epoxy floor is mainly controlled by diffusion.
    The curing reaction first occurs at the interface, the viscosity of the surface layer of the epoxy particles will gradually increase, and the curing agent will gradually diffuse into the epoxy resin to further cure the epoxy resin


    When the particle size of the epoxy emulsion is smaller, the curing is closer to complete
    Selecting a curing agent with good performance will have better compatibility with epoxy resin, and it will be easier to diffuse into the epoxy floor, which is conducive to curing

    Currently commonly used water-based curing agents include aliphatic amine adducts, polyamides, and the like


    In addition, when used as a curing agent for epoxy group reaction, the epoxy floor with high epoxy value has a large effective crosslinking density after full curing, and has a strong resistance to aggressive media passing through the coating film

    The role of waterborne epoxy curing agent:

    Three functions: one is that amine groups react with epoxy groups to cure epoxy resin; one is to emulsify epoxy resin into small droplets and disperse in water; the other is to penetrate epoxy resin droplets Fully fused and cured

    The role of water-based epoxy curing agent in floor paint

    waterborne epoxy coating

    The epoxy surface of the water-based epoxy curing agent can repair the unsatisfactory places such as the primer and the middle coat.
    If there is a re-sealing and repairing, the epoxy topcoat can be used


    Don't underestimate the role of epoxy topcoat.
    Epoxy topcoat can determine the aesthetics of water-based epoxy curing agent floor paint, and epoxy topcoat plays an important role


    Epoxy topcoat can enhance the hardness of the entire ground in the construction of water-based epoxy curing agent floor coating, which can increase the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the epoxy floor


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