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    The safe operation of Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Ethylene General Substation exceeds 3,500 days

    • Last Update: 2021-07-29
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    As of August 27, 2018, the 1 million tons of large ethylene substation of Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company has been operating safely for 3,505 days, providing safe and reliable power guarantee for the stable, long-term and high-quality production of various devices in the ethylene area
    After the overhaul in 2018 and the "physical examination" of all aspects of the equipment after the overhaul, the main ethylene main transformer and the lower-level power distribution room are operating normally, meeting the safety production needs of the large ethylene plant


    As the leading substation in the ethylene area, the company’s electrical professional team made full use of the opportunity of this year’s ethylene plant overhaul, implemented dual frequency conversion non-disturbance automatic switching technology for the 12 cracking furnace fans that restrict the safe operation of the ethylene plant, and developed a manual non-disturbance switching function , Adopting dual power supply mode, which greatly improves the reliability of the inverter and programmable controller
    At the same time, the maintenance test was carried out for 15 lower-level substations and distribution rooms, thousands of low-voltage integrated protections were tested, and more than 400 motors were overhauled to prevent fluctuations in the power system in the area due to equipment failures and ensure the stable power supply of the large ethylene device


    After the ethylene overhaul was completed in early June, Zhenhai Refining & Chemical invited the domestic authoritative organization-Shanghai Jiaotong University National Energy Smart Grid R&D Center to conduct ultrasonic and infrared diagnostic technology retests and retests on the 35kV switchgear of the ethylene total transformer 2# main transformer.
    The result is good

    At the same time, the electrical professional team conducted infrared thermal imaging inspections on the 15 transformer and distribution rooms and equipment after maintenance, and timely found and eliminated the heat of the primary terminal block of the A-102J inverter cabinet with low-frequency extraction and the fifth ethylene two-match DC screen.
    Hidden dangers such as poor road insulation and other equipment

    In addition, the electrical professional team also strengthened the skill training of operating staff, carried out more than once a month on-the-job training competitions, anti-accident drills and emergency drills, so that the skill level of employees was steadily improved, and laid a foundation for the long-term operation of the large ethylene transformer.
    Good foundation


    Source: Sinopec News Network

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