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    The second batch of volume purchase lists flowed out of generic drugs to kill prices or more violently

    • Last Update: 2021-03-04
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    the second batch of drug belt purchases has just been settled, the second batch of national health care access negotiations have been arrow in the string.

      On November 27th, the Office of Centralized Procurement and Use of Drugs of the State Organization issued a circular requesting local medical security bureaus to compile data on drug procurement from public medical institutions in the region and to report them to the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute by December 10th.

      It is worth noting that this batch of volume procurement is intended to be included in the collection of varieties than the first batch of the number of further expanded.

      From the industry spread "on the reporting and expansion of national organizations centralized procurement and use of drug varieties related procurement data notice", the current round of volume procurement involving a total of 35 drugs, a caposaccharide, metformin, albumin yew alcohol, tadalafa and other popular large varieties in the column.

      Reporters learned that at present, Henan, Guangxi, Hunan and other places of health insurance bureau has issued a public notice, asked to report 35 varieties of 2018 and January-October 2019 actual procurement volume. This means that the second batch of drug belt procurement has entered the substantive preparatory phase, start-up immediately.

      As a result of this news, on November 29th, the share prices of Stone Pharmaceutical Group, Green Leaf Pharmaceuticals, Hengrui Pharmaceuticals and other related pharmaceutical companies fell sharply.

      "From the current information, not only is the number of varieties included in the collection expanding, but the number of generic manufacturers competing for each variety is also more than the first 25 varieties, and the 'price cut' may be more intense." On November 30, the deputy general manager of sales of a pharmaceutical company in East China told reporters.

    varieties have been greatly expanded to

    has been signaled to expand the range of varieties through the purchase of new drug strips.

      On November 20, the executive meeting of the State Council, when it deployed the next steps to deepen the reform of the medical and health system, called for further promotion of centralized procurement and use of medicines.

      At the foremost, it was emphasized that the scope of centralized procurement and use of drug varieties should be expanded, giving priority to the inclusion of varieties with large price differentials between original and generic drugs, as well as essential drugs evaluated through the consistent evaluation of the quality and efficacy of generic drugs, in order to facilitate substantial reductions in drug prices through volume procurement.

      In the first round of "4-plus-seven" volume procurement completed in December last year, a total of 31 varieties were included in the collection range, and 25 varieties were finally confirmed to be selected, with six varieties of amosicillin, azithromycin, afa orthopaedic alcohol, qumado, cattopli, and azithromycin injections abandoned.

      This volume procurement once again expanded the scope, the addition of 35 new varieties to be collected, the last round of abandoned Amoxilin, Achimycin was once again included. In addition, it also included 3 oral anti-sugar drugs, 3 hypertension drugs, such as anti-cancer drugs such as metformin tablets, and 2 anti-cancer drugs, as well as a number of antibiotic varieties.

      As expected in the market, Acapo sugar appeared on the list. This variety in the oral anti-sugar drug market has been occupying a larger share, the main manufacturers in addition to the original drug company Bayer, currently only East China Medicine (000963. SZ) and Green leaf pharmaceutical two domestic generic drug companies. Among them, East China Pharmaceuticals' Akapo sugar sales revenue since 2017 has exceeded 2 billion yuan, has been its own products.

      To the market's surprise, injectable yew alcohol (albumin binding type) was also included in the proposed collection list, becoming the only injection product.

      In the eyes of the industry, a number of generic drugs listed is the main reason for the variety to be included in the collection, albumin yew alcohol is the anti-cancer drug yew alcohol "upgraded version", the domestic market year-on-year by the import of the original research drug new base of Abraxane monopoly, until February 2018 Stone Pharmaceutical Group's "Ikeli" approved for listing situation only to reverse.

      However, the opponent followed quickly. In August 2018, Hengrui Pharmaceutical's competition "Ai Yue" went on sale, and just earlier this month, Qilu Pharmaceutical's albumin yew alcohol was approved for production.

      With the price advantage, two domestic albumin yew alcohol after the market expansion speed is extremely fast.

      Data show that in the first three quarters of 2019, Shi Pharmaceutical Group's sales revenue has reached 1.1 billion yuan, Hengrui Pharmaceutical's Ai Yue sales also reached about 1.2 billion yuan.

      With the inclusion of strip purchases, especially the addition of Qilu Pharmaceuticals, the albumin yew alcohol market may be reshuffled among the three pharmaceutical giants.

      It is worth mentioning that in the Alliance regional belt procurement completed in September, Qilu Pharmaceuticals won five winning bids at several lowest prices, known as the "price butcher".

    bid game upgrade

      Although the bidding rules and participating areas for the new round of drug collection are not yet clear, from the competitive landscape, the proposed inclusion of varieties or face greater bidding pressure than the last round.

      Reporters combed found that from the variety level, the proposed inclusion of 35 varieties, has passed the consistent evaluation of generic manufacturers have reached 3 and above.

      Subdivided to the level of product regulations, involving 60 product regulations, there are 37 product rules behind the consistent evaluation of manufacturers in 3 and above, the sugar-lowering drug metformin slow release agent type and oral regular dosage form of competitive manufacturers as many as 12, 11 respectively;

      From the point of view of the manufacturers involved, due to the consistency evaluation (including the same through the consistent evaluation) of more varieties, Qilu Pharmaceuticals, Hengrui Pharmaceuticals, Zhengda Tianqing, Shi Pharmaceutical Group, Yangzijiang and other local pharmaceutical companies in the first echelon have a number of products to be included in this collection.

      "As more and more manufacturers pass consistent evaluations, Medicare is becoming more and more of a 'strategic buyer'. How many regions participate in this round of mining is not clear, if the collection area further expand, the game of enterprise price reduction is more intense. "The aforementioned deputy general manager of pharmaceutical sales pointed out to reporters.

      November 27, the State Council policy briefing, the State Health Insurance Bureau Deputy Director Chen Jinfu said in response to a reporter's question, the first effect of centralized procurement of drugs is reflected in the price reduction, the first 11 pilot cities centralized procurement, 25 drugs average price reduction of 52%, the price of individual major diseases more than 90%;

      In order to promote the evaluation of generic drug consistency, the State Drug Administration has issued more than 10 technical guidelines to clarify the relevant work procedures and technical requirements. In 2019, domestic generic drugs entered the "harvest period", through the consistent evaluation of varieties and the number of manufacturers have increased significantly. To date, 184 varieties of drugs have been approved through or treated as consistency evaluations, involving 436 product regulations.

    volume procurement to the whole country, there is also a high-level set tone.

      At the end of September, the State Health Insurance Administration and nine other departments issued the Opinions on the Implementation of the Pilot Expansion of the Regional Scope of National Organizations, which proposed to promote the resolution of the problem of large price differences between the 11 pilot cities and other relevant regions for pilot drugs; (Time Weekly)

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