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    The solution of glass bottle and plastic bottle to measure the thickness of bottle bottom and body

    • Last Update: 2017-10-31
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    Abstract: with the continuous maturity of modern packaging technology, for bottle manufacturers, whether plastic bottles or glass bottles, it is necessary to carry out strict testing on whether their "physical properties meet the standard", and the thickness of bottle bottom and bottle wall is an essential testing item

    Once the thickness of bottle bottom or bottle wall is not up to the standard, it will directly affect the use performance of the bottle after it is put on the market, and bring troubles to the merchants and users

    Taking the wbt-g wall thickness gauge independently developed by Jinan Saicheng as an example, this paper introduces the necessity of measuring the thickness of bottle products, the application scope of the equipment and the technical parameters of the equipment in detail, hoping to provide valuable reference for enterprises and institutions in need

    Key words: wall thickness gauge, bottle bottom thickness gauge, glass bottle thickness gauge, plastic bottle thickness gauge, PET bottle thickness gauge, digital display bottom wall thickness gauge, testing equipment: wbt-g wall thickness gauge, independently developed by Jinan Saicheng, Executive Standards: QB / T 2142-1995, gb4454-1996, yy0057-1991 text: Manufacturers engaged in bottle packaging know that the early measurement of bottle thickness is more focused on the bottom of the bottle

    However, after the product is put on the market, there are endless problems coming from the feedback, which makes the measurement of the bottle body thickness become the key monitoring index of the relevant national departments

    Therefore, no matter what kind of material the bottle is made of, the thickness detection of the bottom and the wall of the bottle is an essential part before delivery

    Generally speaking, the thin part of the bottle body is also the weak part of the bottle mechanical properties, barrier properties and other indicators

    It will directly lead to the reduction of all the properties of the whole bottle, so that the product can not achieve the expected use effect of the manufacturer, which can be described as a loss of a thousand miles

    Especially in today's increasingly fierce competition for packaging materials, "lightweight" has gradually become a major trend in the development of glass bottles

    The so-called "lightweight" is to reduce the weight volume ratio of glass bottles, in order to improve its green and economic in society

    According to different uses, the weight volume ratio of lightweight bottles is generally between 0.15-0.8, the weight volume ratio of bottles is small, the bottle wall is relatively thin, and the weight is lighter, the average wall thickness is only 2-2.5mm

    Therefore, it is very necessary for manufacturers to test the thickness of bottle bottom and bottle wall to ensure that all inspection indexes of bottles are up to standard, and to compete for a place in the market demand competition for lightweight glass bottles

    The traditional methods of wall thickness measurement include contact method, magnetic induction method and slice method

    However, due to the limitations of technology and materials at that time, most of these traditional methods have corresponding defects, which affect the final measurement results of Zui

    For example, the thickness measurement of magnetic induction method is not easy to measure the concave and convex parts of the bottle body; the contact measurement needs a lot of manpower; the slice type needs to cut the bottle

    The wbt-g wall thickness gauge developed by Jinan Saicheng makes the detection trend compare with the traditional detection method

    This "wbt-g wall thickness gauge" independently developed by Jinan Saicheng adopts the world's advanced "capacitive grid sensing" technology, which is convenient for users to use quickly and accurately

    This is still in the leading position of Ling in China

    Therefore, once listed on the market, it is immediately supported and trusted by the manufacturers

    At present, the instrument has three advantages in China: at the same time, it has double side rear standards of bottle bottom and bottle wall, with a resolution of 0.001mm, which is the first in China

    The instrument has super long measuring range, up to 12.7mm, which can meet the requirements of testing bottles with different capacities and heights, and can accept non-standard customization

    The auxiliary measuring disk can rotate 360 ° and has its own scale mark to ensure accurate measurement return

    In addition, for the convenience of further understanding of the instrument, Jinan Saicheng also published its technical parameters as follows: technical parameters: instrument range: 0-12.7mm division value: 0.001mm sample diameter: 5-30mm sample height: ≤ 150 mm (other dimensions can be customized) instrument size: 230mm (L) x170mm (b) x460mm (h) weight: 7kg After a long follow-up visit, the wbt-g wall thickness gauge of Jinan Saicheng has been successfully tested by tens of millions of customers around the world, and the market feedback is good

    Such high-precision bottle thickness measuring instruments are widely used in quality inspection institutions, drug inspection institutions, packaging manufacturers, pharmaceutical enterprises, food enterprises and other units

    For more details about this instrument, or to test the bottle's sealing, shrinking, stretching and other properties, please call Jinan Saicheng technology directly! Jinan Saicheng has been established for more than ten years with the tenet of persisting in the road of independent R & D and innovation, and helping global customers sail and sail with products of excellence

    Adhering to the advanced concept of "no one, no one, I have the best", we strive to build a manufacturer who is always at the forefront of the domestic testing equipment Zui, and solve the testing problems in medicine, food packaging materials, paper products, adhesive products and other industries.
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