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    The spraying weapon of sand-in-water colorful paint!

    • Last Update: 2021-12-01
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    In addition to the perfect particle presentation, the sand-in-water and water-in-water colorful paints also need to show the construction color, so as to reflect the mature and beautiful wall clothing of the colorful paint

    Nowadays colorful paint has become the mainstream product of exterior wall coatings, and the subsequent construction problems have also become the focus of people’s attention.
    How to achieve the best effect of exterior wall spraying on the basis of improving efficiency is the concern of colorful paint construction staff.
    Question, I hope that the following content compiled by the H DAD Diamond Editor for everyone will help


    How to move the "spray gun"

    Sand in water spraying method is horizontal movement, vertical movement or circle spraying.
    It is not
    allowed to stack, cross, or mix horizontally and vertically
    Paint on-line coatingol.
    The spray gun head must be slow, level, and direct against the wall, so as to ensure the spread of the particles


    The movement rhythm of the "spray gun"

    The construction process is the most critical part of the decorative effect of the water-in-water sand, and the speed of the spray gun movement is the key point

    During the spraying process of water-in-water sand, if the moving speed of the spray gun is too fast, the surface coating of the water-in-water sand will be thinner, and the coating effect will appear thin, not full, inferior, and the effect will not come out


    If the moving speed of the spray gun is too slow, the coating will be too thick, leading to sagging


    The moving speed of the sand-in-water spray gun should be such that the coating after spraying is full, uniform and wet

    This effect requires a certain amount of experience in construction personnel to make it


    The angle between the "spray gun" and the wall

    During the spraying process, the spray gun and the wall should be kept vertical or as far as possible, because if the spray gun is skewed, the spray band will be deflected, the sand-in-water coating will flow to one side, and the other half will lack paint, dry and thin, or even appear Striped coating
    The shape of the sprayed particles may be elongated or not round, which is very ugly


    The construction distance between the "spray gun" and the wall

    Generally, for sand-in-water spray guns, the best working distance is between 40cm-90cm
    If the spray gun is too close to the wall, it may cause the paint to flow, and the particle display surface is irregular.
    If the distance exceeds 90cm, the gun pressure will be too large, and the particles will form too many fragments on the wall, which will easily lead to ultra-small particles or smearing This phenomenon makes the flatness and leveling of the coating worse

    Regarding the distance of the gun, we must also carefully analyze the degree of particle display and determine the spraying distance


    Control of the trigger handle of the "spray gun"

    The trigger is used to control the spraying flow rate of the spray gun.
    The deeper the trigger, the greater the flow rate of the sand-in-water coating

    When the spraying equipment is moving, the trigger must be squeezed, not half squeezed

    In order to avoid the accumulation of paint when the gun is finished, the construction personnel should slightly loosen the trigger to reduce the amount of material supplied


    Summary: Sand-in-water sand-in-water colorful paint, as long as the above method is taken seriously, the colorful paint will be more vividly displayed on the facade of the external wall

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