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    The strong magnetic field controls chemical reactions to provide a new path for the magnetron synthesis of special functional materials

    • Last Update: 2021-07-30
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      The research team of Sheng Zhigao of the High Magnetic Field Center of the Hefei Institute of Material Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted research on special functional materials using the SM1 superconducting magnet, a large scientific device with a steady-state strong magnetic field, and found that strong magnetic fields can effectively control the rate, reaction path, and The reaction products and related research results have been published in the journal "Physical Chemistry Letters" a few days ago

      It is understood that the realization of the control of chemical reaction rate and products is the core issue of research in the field of chemistry and materials science
    Like temperature and pressure, the magnetic field is an important basic thermodynamic parameter, which directly acts on the basic constituent units of matter-the nucleus and extranuclear electrons through non-contact energy transfer, thereby affecting the physical and chemical properties of matter

    If the magnetic field, especially the strong magnetic field, can be introduced into the chemical reaction of material synthesis, it will hopefully help mankind discover novel magnetron effects and create new substances


      Aiming at the frontier direction of strong magnetic field regulation of chemical reactions and material synthesis, researchers based on the previous work, with the help of a strong magnetic field center steady-state strong magnetic field large scientific device, the magnetic field of the reaction process between manganese tetroxide and ferrous ions Systematic research on speed control and magnetron products has been carried out
    The latest research results show that the magnetic field can effectively accelerate the reaction between trimanganese tetroxide and ferrous ions, and increase the reaction speed of preparing hollow nanomaterials by the reaction of trimanganese tetroxide and ferrous ions.
    That is, the magnetic field has an equivalent catalytic effect


      More interestingly, the research team discovered for the first time in the world that a strong magnetic field can induce the Kirkendall effect originally hidden in the reaction system under certain conditions, that is, the magnetic field induces a new reaction

      The results of this series of studies on magnetron chemical reactions not only confirm that strong magnetic fields play an important role and great potential in the regulation of chemical reactions, but also provide new paths and opportunities for the magnetron synthesis of special functional materials

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