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    The study found that Chinese herbal fruit contains an active ingredient to lower blood sugar

    • Last Update: 2021-02-24
    • Source: Internet
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    Chinese scientists have found the active ingredient of blood sugar lowering in Chinese herbal fruits, which provides chemical and pharmacological basis for the discovery of new blood sugar-lowering pilot molecules, and also provides important scientific support for broadening the new use of herbal fruits.
    have been published in international journals such as The Journal of Plant Chemistry and the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Chen Jijun, co-author of the
    paper and a researcher at the Kunming Plant Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that during the excavation of natural-source anti-diabetic drugs, the research and development team found for the first time that grass fruit extract significantly reduced fasting and random blood sugar in diabetic mice, and had no significant effect on the amount of food and weight in diabetic mice.
    Chen Jijun introduced that the clinical treatment of diabetes mainly includes insulin and oral sugar-lowering drugs, however, due to the risk of low blood sugar and various side effects, it is urgent to develop a variety of structural types, acting on different targets of new blood sugar-lowering drugs.
    team conducted a systematic study of the chemical composition of grass fruits, revealing that ddifangoquine and flavanols and their hybrids are the main blood sugar-lowering active ingredients of grass fruits.
    It is understood that Jiangke bean meal belongs to the dried ripe fruit of perennal herb herbs, is a well-known traditional Chinese medicine and traditional spices, the drug has the effect of dry and humid temperature, malaria and sputum, etc. , to carry out in-depth research on grass fruit to promote the development of the relevant Chinese medicine industry is of great significance.
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