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    The supply and demand structure gradually improves the trend of aluminum or the shock is strong

    • Last Update: 2022-12-12
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    Futures market: data show that LME aluminum inventories have continued to decline for 13 consecutive trading days, and hit a nearly one-month low, the next week London aluminum is strong shock, the latest closing price at 2079 US dollars / ton, up 10 US dollars, or 0.
    46%; The trading volume of 15867 lots decreased by 4376 lots, and the position volume 640155 decreased by 5706 lots
    Shanghai aluminum opened low and high on Friday evening, and the latest closing price of the main monthly 1810 contract was 14685 yuan / ton, up 10 yuan, or 0.

    Period aluminum

    In terms of the market, the strike incident of Alcoa Western Australia alumina plant continued to ferment, the US sanctions against Russia intensified the market's concerns about the impact of RUSAL, and the frequent interference of macro factors led to difficulties in the upward movement of aluminum prices; The rise in the cost of the domestic aluminum market still supports the price of aluminum, and in the later period, with the landing of the policy, the market supply and demand structure is gradually improved, and the trend of aluminum prices or shocks is strong, and it is expected that today's spot aluminum prices will rise and fall limited

    On the supply side, the operating capacity increased slightly to 37.
    116 million tons; on the cost side, alumina was strong, coal prices stabilized, and the industry recovered to a slight profit
    In terms of stocks, the LME bank fell slightly to 1.
    154 million tons, which increased slightly to 90.
    59 tons in the previous period, and the social bank fell to 1.
    693 million tons, weakening the domestic destocking efforts

    Aluminum prices rose slightly as a strike at an Australian smelter last week disrupted global alumina supplies
    In addition, factors such as Brazil's Hydro and Rusal will continue to cause overseas alumina tension and stimulate domestic exports
    Recently, local policies in China have been frequent, and policies are expected to heat up
    At the same time, the domestic destocking continues, the margin of supply and demand improves, and the new production capacity is temporarily difficult to exceed
    expectations due to capital and profit problems.
    It is expected that aluminum prices will maintain a range-bound trend
    Operationally, it is recommended to continue to hold long orders in the early stage, and actively buy
    around Wansi.

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