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    The team of Professor Ye Dingwei from the Cancer Hospital of Fudan University and the team of Professor Huang Haojie from Mayo Clinic in the United States have discovered potential new targets for precision treatment of prostate cancer

    • Last Update: 2021-11-16
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    Prostate cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors of the male urinary system.
    In the United States, prostate cancer is the malignant tumor with the highest incidence and the second mortality rate in men

    In recent years, the incidence of prostate cancer in China has been increasing, and the mortality rate has also been rising.
    The latest data released by the National Cancer Center of China shows that the number of new cases of prostate cancer in China has reached 72,000, and the incidence rate of 10.
    23 per 100,000 is higher than that of the world.
    The population standardized incidence rate is 6.
    47 per 100,000

    The incidence of prostate cancer in Shanghai has jumped to the fourth place among male malignant tumors

    In Western developed countries, the 5-year survival rate for prostate cancer is close to 100%, but in China, this number is still less than 70%

    The mechanism of occurrence and development of prostate cancer is very complicated, especially the treatment of advanced patients who have progressed to the stage of hormone therapy resistance, which brings a heavy burden to the patient, family and society

    Prolonging the survival of these prostate cancer patients to the greatest extent and improving the quality of life of patients are the biggest problems facing clinical treatment


    SPOP gene mutations may be related to prostate cancer treatment resistance.
    The team of Professor Ye Dingwei from the Department of Urology, Fudan University Cancer Hospital and the team of Professor Huang Haojie from Mayo Clinic in the United States, after many years of in-depth research, explained the SPOP gene mutations in prostate cancer for the first time.
    The key molecular biological mechanism leading to genome instability, and initially revealed the feasibility of ATR inhibitors to reverse the drug resistance of SPOP mutant prostate cancer, providing a new target for clinical precision treatment of patients with this type of prostate cancer

    Relevant research results to "SPOP mutation induces replication over-firing by impairing Geminin ubiquitination and triggers replication catastrophe upon ATR inhibition" in the title published online in "Nature - Communications" (
    Nature Communication )

    For many years, the Multidisciplinary Urology and Oncology (MDT) team of Fudan University Cancer Hospital, led by the chief expert Professor Ye Dingwei, has addressed the "three dilemmas" of the low early diagnosis rate of Chinese prostate cancer, the low late survival rate and the lack of effective precision treatment models.
    , Revolutionized the selection of screening markers, took the lead in promoting the prostate cancer community screening model in the country, and adopted early precision surgery for prostate cancer patients (individualized development of Da Vinci robots, laparoscopic or open surgery plans), and accurate mid-term staging, Advanced precision comprehensive treatment (medicine, surgery, cryotherapy or radio frequency and other treatment methods), innovatively explore and promote the multidisciplinary consultation (MDT) model of China's urinary tumors, and launch the "Fudan Plan" for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer: Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development The latest statistics from the center show that the number of prostate cancer surgeries at Fudan University Cancer Hospital in 2020 reached a record high with 1,200 cases.
    This is the first time that Professor Ye Dingwei’s team has led the Shenkang data for 7 consecutive years.
    The data also reflects the prostate from the side.
    The incidence of cancer has increased rapidly.
    Professor Ye Dingwei’s team has adopted a full-process precision model focusing on surgery to ensure the long-term survival of patients, while improving the recovery of urinary control and sexual function.
    The 5-year survival rate of patients is as high as 82.
    6%, which is better than the domestic average.
    2% of the disease, which is at the domestic and international advanced level; more than 8,000 difficult patients have obtained solutions in the multidisciplinary team of urology oncology; more than 400 medical centers benefited from the Chinese urology oncology MDT platform; as a candidate for the Asia Pacific Association of Prostatology (APPS) Professor Ye Dingwei, the chairperson, is also the only representative of China in the St.
    Gallen Consensus on Prostate Cancer led by top international experts.
    Based on the domestic, leading the Asia-Pacific, looking internationally, he leads the "Prostate Cancer Shanghai Consensus" led by Chinese experts.
    Over the years, the professor has led and carried out many global multi-center clinical research on new drugs and technologies in urinary oncology.
    On this basis, he has explored the mechanism of translational medicine, and has successively issued a number of breakthrough scientific research results on the international stage.
    Voice of China"


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