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    The third batch is expected to start in July, and the two pharmaceutical companies are in the spotlight

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network Market Analysis" recently, the National Health and Care Commission and other nine ministries jointly issued "on the issuance of 2020 to correct the pharmaceutical purchase and sale of the field and medical services in the wrong wind of the work of the main points of the notice", in addition to cracking down on pharmaceutical bribery, the document clearly promote sized non-evaluated drugs and high-value consumables in the procurementAccording to market forecasts, the third batch of national harvesting is expected to start in July 2020from the first batch of "4 plus 7" tape procurement involving 11 pilot cities, 25 varieties, to September 2019 25 varieties to the country-wide expansion, to the beginning of 2020 the second batch of the volume procurement involving 33 varietiesAs can be seen, the frequency of china's belt procurement is becoming more and more intensiveUnder the collection policy, through low-cost exchange, a large number of drugs to reduce prices, and some of the huge declineIt can be expected that a new round of band purchases will once again trigger a new round of price warin the context of the normalization of collection, the industry recommends to pay attention to two types of companiesOne is to avoid the field of collection, such as innovative drugs, pharmaceutical consumption, medical service companies, recommended Kanghong Pharmaceuticals, Changchun High-tech, Zhifei biology, tablets, Yunnan white medicine, Opcomvision, Aer ophthalmology and so onwhich in the field of innovative drugs, as the volume procurement becomes more normal, generic drug price reduction will become a long-term trend, the future will continue to expand the variety and regional scopeAt the same time, the concentration of the pharmaceutical industry continues to improve, the direction of development accelerates the transformation to innovative drugs, good for the development of innovative drugsAt present, the domestic innovation pharmaceutical enterprises research and development pipeline is also constantly enriched, more and more indications to the clinical late stage, superimposed innovation drug approval and medical insurance payment policy favorable, domestic innovative pharmaceutical enterprises will usher in a rapid growth stagein the field of pharmaceutical consumption, with the promotion of medical system reform in the direction of graded diagnosis and treatment, Internet medical treatment, the configuration of the pharmaceutical sector more attention to the future long-term main line of the field of medicine, pharmaceutical consumption will become the focus of the fund layout of major public fund companiesin the field of medical services, from the long-term trend, with people's health awareness, rising consumption levels, and the acceleration of the aging of the population, health care is a rigid demand;another category is to benefit from the collection of companies, such as pure incremental varieties and CXO, recommended Condell, Vico shares, pharmaceutical Mingkang, Pharmaceutical Stone Technology, ViaBio, etc in the context of the rapid development of domestic innovative drugs, as well as the accelerated transfer of overseas industries driven by the long-term logic of the development of the domestic CRO /CDMO industry continued, leading enterprises advantages are obvious, more optimistic For example, the drug Mingkang, through its one-stop service platform, covers small-molecule drugs, cell and gene therapy, clinical development services and medical device testing It has a team of more than 21,000 employees and 29 research and development and production sites in seven countries The company has experienced rapid growth over the past 20 years and is the 13th largest CDMO service provider in the world pharmaceutical molecular blocks from milligrams to 100 kg required for drug development and commercialization Currently focused on providing molecular block products for drug research and development enterprises It is worth noting that the company's staff number of only 652 people, but can support 662 million yuan of revenue with 100 employees, the situation is better reflected in its per capita yield - per capita annual output of up to 1.02 million yuan.
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