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    The third batch of collection in August in Shanghai opened, the industry suggested that can focus on 4 varieties.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-04
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    Pharmaceutical Network Industry Dynamics, on the evening of July 29, the Joint Acquisition Office in Shanghai Sunshine Pharmaceutical Procurement Network released the national drug centralized procurement documents, the third batch of collection will be opened in Shanghai on August 20.
    a total of 55 varieties, 82 product regulations, involving 184 enterprises, procurement scale of 22.645 billion yuan.
    included in the variety of enterprises including China Biopharmaceuticals, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group, Stone Pharmaceutical Group, Yangzijiang Pharmaceuticals, Haussen Pharmaceuticals, Hengrui Pharmaceuticals and so on.
    compared with the second batch of collection, the selection criteria for this collection have not changed, but in terms of the selection rules, due to the fierce competition of some varieties, will allow up to 8 enterprises to choose.
    from this collection list, 55 varieties, including ammonia bromine, ibuprofen, chlorate, dophenitone, amino glucose, oxazine, oxycodone, sildenafion and other well-known varieties, but also finasteamine, methylcobalamin, for grelo, moxisha star and other annual sales of billions of heavyweight varieties.
    now the third batch of the collection is open, which varieties are worthy of attention? Industry recommendations, this collection can focus on metformin, moxisha, tegrilo and Capetabin e. four varieties.
    metformin, the oral blood glucose regulation drug metformin in the second batch of collection regret to be out, but a year think that the drug market is huge, this time into the third batch of collection is also reasonable.
    it is understood that the current oral recurrent acetinide has 27 enterprises have been evaluated, involving Yiling Pharmaceuticals, North China Pharmaceuticals and other enterprises;
    market competition can be said to be very fierce.
    the relevant person in charge of pharmaceutical companies believe that the price of metformin itself has been very low, in the context of rising costs, it is expected that the future to participate in the collection of varieties will be hand-held api.
    Mosissa star Moxisha sodium chloride injection sodium injection of the procurement scale of up to 1,759 million yuan, three enterprises participating in the bidding.
    the original research enterprise of this variety is Bayer Germany (commodity name "Bai Fule").
    January this year, Bayer participated in the collection of sugar-lowering drug Bysugar flat reported the "floor price", 50mg specification of the price of 5.42 yuan / box, a drop of more than 90%.
    and directly out of the bidding rules for two unprepared imitations.
    , therefore, whether Bayer will also give a low price for the sodium chloride injection of Mosissarin, I believe the industry is also full of expectations.
    also worth mentioning, Moxishasin sodium chloride injection stakes of the over-rated enterprises Red Day Pharmaceuticals and Aico Pharmaceuticals, are the variety of "barefoot" enterprises.
    in the face of large-scale procurement, competitive pattern friendly market opportunities, presumably enterprises will actively campaign.
    the global market size of Grillo Grillo exceeds $1 billion.
    the joint procurement office for Grillo gave a purchase scale of 1.346 billion yuan.
    is understood that the current for the Greilo tablets (90mg) over the evaluation of enterprises up to 7, including Xinlitai, Zhengda Qing, stone medicine Ohi, Yangzijiang and other enterprises.
    believe that the situation of participation in the competition will be very fierce.
    KapethaBin also entered the collection catalog of KaperitaBin sales also as high as 3.49 billion yuan.
    for this large variety, the joint procurement office gave 1.062 billion yuan of procurement scale.
    from the collection list, the companies involved in the bidding are Roche and so on.
    industry believes that once the large varieties of the winning bid, enterprises may be able to use this collection to reconstruct the market and price pattern.
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