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    The three major development models of paint enterprises in the future

    • Last Update: 2021-03-04
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    News: In this spring atmosphere, but let people feel a burst of "chilling". The development of the home building materials industry frequently encountered cold, for this cold climate added a "layer of ice." A few days ago, in a home forum, many home building materials giant lip-synching, but also for the wooden door and other home building materials industry clear future development model.
    "Great happiness" era is gone forever, in the "micro-happiness" era of wood door and other household building materials enterprises are facing not only the new normal of overall economic development slowdown, but also a huge amount of capital to the home industry, the outside giant, one by one under the banner of subversion, in this environment, home enterprises only take the initiative to reduce gross profits, to the model of small profits and more sales to obtain development opportunities.
    many wooden door business leaders said that for consumers to decorate the house is not easy, most people in a lifetime only one or two opportunities, enterprises should try to cater to consumers. As China's largest mobile materials, wooden door enterprises must first reduce gross margin, to the greatest extent to cater to customers, if the management costs of enterprises can not be reduced, enterprises may have to accept the fate of being eliminated.
    into 2015, many home building materials enterprises are not very optimistic about the development prospects, singing the tone of decline is very noisy. But in the eyes of some corporate giants, this is a rare opportunity, and they have not slowed the pace of expansion as the industry as a whole enters the new normal, accelerating the expansion model as a new strategy for these companies.
    there is a home enterprise in the industry in 2014 when the successful realization of the 100-store chain strategy has thrown out a big statement: the next three years to open 300 stores, five years to open 500, to achieve sales of 100 billion yuan.
    and expansion in addition to opening stores, there is a way to occupy new markets with new products, a home started with wooden doors is such an expansion path. An expert did not hesitate, in the face of scale expansion even with a momentum that I do not wait for: "big enterprises, listed companies to grasp the opportunity to expand, we say that is not a small business, as long as the share of small enterprises to take a little more to achieve growth." "His way of expanding is not to develop new products himself, but to develop a residential strategy in an investment-based way, an alligator that is actively looking for acquisition targets in the market with a keen sense of smell."
    2015 is a critical year for many household building materials companies such as Woodgate, which can lose its market position, between rapid expansion or cautious contraction. Therefore, professional deep cultivation has become a major mainstream view of enterprises seeking development.
    facing the increasingly serious situation, the leader of a home enterprise quietly found a big deep-farming direction - rushed to the countryside. It is true that, like other industries, the wooden door industry, which has been developing for decades, can actually achieve channel differentiation. It is not difficult to foresee that in 2015 there will be a lot of wooden door enterprises further into the third, fourth and fifth-tier urban spots, occupying the vast rural market. In addition, a wooden door brand leader revealed that in 2014 decided to cut off a project ready to do outside the wooden door, re-focus on wooden door, strengthen channels, specializing in products. As the industry said: "I think the victory in general belongs to the focus and can stick to, at the same time can work hard in the enterprise." In
    , the development of wooden door enterprises often in between, really suitable for the development of enterprises or models where? This is all wooden door business people are worth exploring and deeply studying the problem.
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